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StorONE with High-Capacity, High-Performance Solutions with Next Gen Auto-Tiering Technology for Optimized Data Placement

New features deliver flash performance at tier-2 costs without compromise.

StorONE, Inc. announced several major feature enhancements to its S1 software that revolutionize high-capacity, high-performance storage systems using optimized data placement and auto-tiering technology.

In the 2024 Gartner Research, Stop Buying Storage, Embrace Platforms Instead (March 7, 2024), the analysts write: “Choose vendors that meet the demands of platform technology and are not siloed providers of single storage services.”

The siloed solutions available in today’s storage market for high capacity and high performance drive end users to either invest heavily in flash, settle for lower-quality flash at a higher cost, or rely on slower disks. StorONE v3.8 solves these issues by efficiently utilizing enterprise-grade hardware for a cost effective solution without any performance compromise on ONE Enterprise Storage Platform.

“Up until now, multi-tiered storage was too costly, too slow, limited protocol support, and/or missing essential Enterprise functionality,” said Marc Staimer, president of Dragon Slayer Consulting. “StorONE is solving this problem with their highly innovative Enterprise Data Storage Platform at a very affordable price.”

This latest version, 3.8, is designed to protect vs. ransomware threats and leverage the latest disk advances to fully utilize advanced capabilities, ensuring future-proof storage environments. StorONE transforms storage infrastructure into a strategic asset that drives value for enterprises.

Version 3.8 features include:

  • Multi-tiering – Optimized Data Placement: The company has enhanced the capability to integrate both flash and HDD within the same volume. The new version accelerates data transfer between the two media types, dynamically managing metadata for optimal utilization, maintaining performance levels while delivering up to 60% storage cost savings.
  • Advanced Data Protection: The new version supports up to 100,000 immutable snapshots for large volumes without any significant overhead, ensuring rapid snapshot creation without performance degradation. It supports rapid ransomware recovery with high RTO maintaining 12-36 months of snapshots in the HDD tier.
  • Enhanced Data Security: The firm has focused on providing three critical advantages for storage administrators: strengthening data breach defenses, acting as the last line of defense in detecting breaches, and enabling rapid recovery in case of an attack. The latest features in v3.8 enhance these capabilities, offering excellent protection and fast service restoration post-attack.
  • Flexible Deployment: The new product installation capability allows for full deployment on-site without any cloud connection or the option to connect to the cloud for statistics and management purposes.

“Modern data-rich companies are creating, sharing, and safeguarding enormous amounts of data on- premises and in the cloud. The high performance of StorONE efficiently handles data ensuring universal access and strategic data placement, while seamlessly integrating with various locations and cloud services at the most competitive price,” said Gal Naor, CEO, StorONE. “This combination of features allows organizations to concentrate on leveraging data’s value and utility, adhere to corporate cloud-first strategies, and reduce overall ownership costs.”

The software vendor allows resource-competitive workloads to co-exist within the same storage environment, easing administrative overhead while simplifying the deployment, support, and cost of the data services required for an environment. It consolidates all storage use cases into a single product, delivering high capacity with high performance at an affordable price. The company’s advanced software maximizes efficiency, minimizing hardware needs, and reducing the barrier of cost in technology adoption.