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Qnap Qsirch 5.4.1 Enhanced AI-Powered Semantic Search and Precise Image Search on NAS

With AI-driven semantic search for images, similar image search, quick document content preview, and find precise results from using plain-language prompts and phrases

Qnap Systems, Inc. officially launched Qsirch 5.4.1 search engine app for NAS.

Qnap Qsirch 5.4.1 Intro

With new features such as AI-driven semantic search for images, similar image search, and quick document content preview, NAS users can enjoy a more precise and user-friendly file search experience, enhancing their productivity.

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Qsirch 5.4.1 Semantic Search

Qsirch is a search engine for the company’s NAS, allowing users to quickly find desired files from vast amounts of files and data. In addition to using ‘keyword search’ for files, images, videos, PDF documents, and emails, users can benefit from Qsirch 5.4.1’s ‘AI-powered semantic search’, that leverages an AI model capable of analyzing intent and context of user queries. Semantic search allows users to find precise results from using plain-language prompts and phrases.

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Qsirch 5.4.1 Search By Ai Ocr

Qsirch has always been the top productivity tool for QNAP NAS users. To raise the bar with Qsirch, we have integrated AI-powered semantic search which has the potential to greatly enhance user productivity. We greatly appreciate the valuable feedback we received from our Qsirch 5.4.0 semantic search beta testers, which has enabled the QNAP development team to continually optimize the official release of Qsirch 5.4.1.” said Amol Narkhede, senior product manager, Qnap. “In the AI era, AI-driven semantic search breaks through the limitation of traditional keyword search, allowing users to use their everyday search habits to find desired content with higher accuracy.“

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Qsirch 5.4.1 Ai Ocr After

Key features of Qsirch 5.4.1:

  • AI-driven semantic search
    Use natural language to create detailed prompts (23 languages supported) to effectively filter search results.
  • Find similar images
    Explore similar images from search results. Users can find similar images or photos stored on their Qnap NAS.
  • Quick view of documents
    After searching for files, users can quickly preview content, view keyword-relevant paragraphs, or see a few relevant sentences from the file in the preview pane.

NAS system requirements:

  • A 64-bit x86-based NAS with at least 8GB RAM.
  • QTS 5.0.1 (or later) or QuTS hero h5.0.1 (or later).
  • Qnap AI Core must be installed from the App Center to use the full functions of semantic search.

Note: Features are subject to change and may not be available for all company’s products.

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