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Company Profile: Index Engines

CyberSense employs robust AI-based ML models to generate alerts with 99.99% accuracy when corruption detected.

Company name:
Index Engines Inc.

HQ and offices:
Headquartered in Holmdel, NJ; offices in: Colorado Spring, CO; San Jose, CA; Pune, India


Date founded:


Tim Williams, is founder, investor and CEO. Prior to that, he was an investor and interim CEO of Tacit Networks where led an angel round of financing to restart the company, and helped recruit a permanent CEO, which ultimately led to the successful acquisition by Packeteer Networks in 2006. He also co-founded and bootstrapped CrosStor Software and served as its CEO through October 2000 when it was sold to EMC.

He earned a master’s degree in Computer Science from New York University’s Courant Institute.

Financial funding:
Self funded, no outside investment 

Employees numbers:


Index Engines is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge, AI-powered data security solutions, prominently featured through our lead offering: CyberSense. Leveraging strategic partnerships with firms including Dell Technologies, IBM and Infinidat, CyberSense stands as a testament to company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

At the heart of its technology lies an enterprise-class platform, empowering organizations to comprehensively understand their data’s integrity. CyberSense is built on this platform and ensures data resiliency vs. cyber threats, enabling businesses to uphold operational reliability and mitigate the risk of downtime resulting from ransomware attacks.

Firm’s impact spans globally, serving over 1,500 clients across diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing. These organizations rely on Index Engines to safeguard their data and ensure their business is not threatened by cyber criminals.

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Products: CyberSense
When conventional security tools fall short in safeguarding data vs. cyberattacks, it steps in to detect data corruption after an attack with 99.99% accuracy and facilitates intelligent and rapid restoration. Serving as the last line of defense for thousands of organizations worldwide, it ensures the integrity of their data assets, including core infrastructure, production databases, and critical documents, instilling confidence that data is clean from malicious corruption.

Distinguishing itself as the only data integrity software, harnessing over 200 content-based analytics indicative of ransomware corruption, CyberSense employs robust AI-based ML models to generate alerts with 99.99% accuracy when corruption is detected. Furthermore, CyberSense’s post-attack reports furnish the intelligence necessary for expedited recovery with minimal data loss.

CyberSense validates data in popular backup formats without rehydrating the files, alongside other flexible deployment options such as data snapshots. Distributed globally through a network of leading partners, this software stands as a vital asset in the defense vs. cyber threats.

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Release and Roadmap:
Current release 8.6. Version 8.7 will be released this summer and includes new data integrity features, support for new integration options, and a new data integrity report.

Pricing model:
CyberSense is sold by partners who have various pricing models, generally priced per terabyte of data analyzed. Sold in 1, 3 and, 5-year terms. 

CyberSense is sold through strategic partnerships, as well as a network of channel partners.

It has over 1,500 clients across diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing. Case studies are located

Workloads/use cases/applications:
CyberSense supports a range of workloads, backup formats, and other data protection applications. For an example of what is supported for Dell customers,
this support matrix outlines what is available today.

Target market:
Organizations that are targeted by cyber criminals. This encompasses almost all industries and organizations of all sizes around the globe.  

Backup vendors (i.e., Rubrik, Cohesity, Veeam, etc.) and storage providers have added capabilities to their products to detect ransomware corruption. They all have different approaches that look for suspicious activity. None inspect the data content with 99.99% level accuracy to detect corruption. 

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As mentioned above the founding team has a strong expertise in disk file systems and associated file storage technologies. They created CrosStor that was Programmed Logic Corp. before with their famous HTFS and StackFS file systems. In this team, Gordon Harris, a long time partner of Tim, was instrumental and was CTO of Index Engines.

(Update 6/26: Tim Williams shared the sad news that Gordon Harris passed away about 12 years ago).

The content indexing technology developed by the company was also used to reindexing content stored on tape with a deep understanding of backup software catalogs and backup image and tape format. This use case has been extended by the super hot ransomware threat.

The revenue is not mentioned in the profile above but Tim Williams shared a better number saying that it is firmly in the 8 digits and should pass the 9 soon. We invite you to listen to this interview here.

Oem is a strong sales path and the company leverages 3 key partnerships today: Dell, IBM and Infinidat. More will be announced soon.

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