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Verinext Expands Storage Services Offerings

With Cloudian AI Data Lake on HPE GreenLake

Cloudian, Inc. announced that Verinext Corp. has integrated its AI-ready data lake software to enhance their data management solutions.

This advanced solution utilizes flexible, consumption-based services of HPE GreenLake cloud.

This partnership allows Verinext to provide fully managed backup, DR and storage services that leverage Cloudian’s AI data lake. Verinext’s strategy includes hybrid cloud solutions, edge services, network services, digital workplace enhancements, and improved service experiences, ensuring that enterprises receive secure, compliant, and adaptable infrastructure ready for future technological advancements.

Our backup, DR, and storage services, powered by HPE GreenLake and Cloudian AI data lake technology, provide a premier solution for customers seeking cloud-like agility, robust data security, and a cutting-edge private cloud infrastructure,” said Nick Martino, product manager, managed services, Verinext. “By incorporating Cloudian’s technology into our services, we provide comprehensive data management that delivers superior security, scalability and always-on data availability.

Cloudian’s AI-ready data lake offers virtually unlimited on-premises storage capacity and hybrid cloud integration. With Cloudian’s native S3 API implementation, the platform allows for easy migration of workflows between cloud and on-premises systems, supporting a wide range of S3 API-based AI tools and applications.

As businesses tackle the challenges of digital transformation, they need AI-ready storage solutions that provide scalability, security, and smooth integration with their data management applications,” said Eric Craig, senior director of sales, Cloudian. “Our collaboration with Verinext, combined with the deployment of our AI-ready data lake on HPE GreenLake, reflects our dedication to delivering robust, future-proof storage infrastructure.

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