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Seagate Teams Up with E-Commerce Site eBay

To expand HDD Circularity Program and enable consumers to purchase recertified drives through established retail platform

Seagate Technology Holdings plc announced its sustainability collaboration with e-commerce site eBay, Inc.

Seagate Teams Up With Ebay

The agreement establishes Seagate’s official storefront on eBay as a direct channel for consumers to access factory-recertified HDDs as part of the Seagate Circularity Program.

As a founding member of the Circular Drive Initiative, a partnership of global businesses in digital storage, data centers, sustainability, and blockchain collaborating to reduce e-waste, Seagate is committed to enabling the secure reuse of storage devices and reducing HDD shredding.

Hard drive shredding entails breaking down a HDD into tiny pieces so that data cannot be recovered. As rare earth materials contained in those parts cannot be reused, HDD shredding harms the environment and is not a sustainable practice.

Since data control remains the biggest obstacle to embracing HDD circularity, Seagate brings a trusted level of data sanitization and erasure to its factory-recertified drives. The sanitization and erasure practices prevent data recovery after decommissioning, adhering to industry standards such as IEEE 2883, NIST SP 800-88 Rev. 1, and ISO/IEC 27040:2015.

Tens of millions of HDDs are still being shredded yearly, and we need to reduce the use of destructive sanitization methods,” said Jason Feist, Seagate’s SVP, products and markets. “Seagate builds circularity into the drives we bring to market. The collaboration with eBay will increase the amount of data that can be stored on top quality, recertified HDDs.

In FY23, Seagate extended the life of approximately 1.19 million HDDs and SSDs through its circularity program, preventing 553 metric tons of e-waste1. It aims to minimize e-waste by placing quality HDDs back into service and extending their product lifecycles.

eBay is proud to work with Seagate on this exciting partnership,” said Renée Morin, eBay’s chief sustainability officer. “Refurbishing items gives them a longer life and generally reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In our efforts to be a responsible, sustainable marketplace, this collaboration shows that we all have a part to play.

The Seagate storefront on eBay offers various HDD options that can be trusted because they are recertified by Seagate and come with a limited warranty. Manufacturer’s factory-recertified drives can be purchased directly through www.ebay.com/str/stxrecerthdd. 

1Assuming each drive is an average weight of 465g.