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KingSpec ZS101 Automated Storage Testing Equipment: Ushering in New Era of SSD Production Efficiency

Supports market's SSD master control solutions and will continue to add SSD controller IC models to support latest test requirements.

KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. announces the development of the automated storage testing equipment, the ZS101.

Kingspec Zs101 Ssd

This innovation transforms SSD production by streamlining testing procedures, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring quality. The ZS101 supports the market’s SSD master control solutions and will continue to add SSD controller IC models to support the latest test requirements. At the same time, the company can provide joint development technical support for special master solutions.

ZS101: Multifunctional solution

  • Integrate multiple tests
    It integrates multiple test processes such as firmware burn, Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT), and burn-in test into a single test facility. It can shorten the market cycle of products for enterprises and ensure the consistent quality of batch products.

Kingspec Zs101 Open

  • Multi-unit synchronous test
    It supports testing different signal protocols on both the front and back sides. The front side can test SATA protocol SSDs, while the back can test PCIe protocol M.2 NVMe SSDs. It supports 2.5-inch SATA, M.2 SATA, and M.2 NVMe interfaces, capable of testing up to 600 SATA SSDs or 480 M.2 NVMe SSDs in a single test cycle, effectively saving test time and cost. High-temperature partition control can be customized to meet stability tests under different temperature environments.

Kingspec Zs101 3

  • Traceable test records
    The self-designed software system integrates K1, K2, and K3 production settings, which can be allocated mass-production with ‘one-click’ power control to effectively avoid quality problems caused by setting errors. Furthermore, the desktop software’s automated tracking technology enables the system to 1-click on/off for 60 hosts. It displays the status of the current SSD under test in different colors. Automatically generated test logs and reports allow for visual tracking and management of test data, with centralized storage ensuring that the test data of each SSD can be traced.
  • Support multi-controller solution
    It supports various controller solutions such as RealTek, Maxio, InnoGrit, Phison, SMI, and Yeestor to meet various production scenarios.

ZS101: Help enterprises to reach new heights
The patented product integrates diverse tests, establishing efficiency and reliability benchmarks with optimized processes and software. Its implementation elevates SSD production efficiency, cuts costs, ensures quality, and bolsters enterprise competitiveness.

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