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Infortrend EonStor GS Unified Storage Empowers Churches To Maximize Their Impact Through Videos

To create, share, and store videos

Infortrend Technology, Inc. enables churches with the EonStor GS unified storage solution to create, share, and store videos, enhancing their ability to engage with existing members and influence a broader audience beyond the physical congregation.

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To increase influence and encourage attendance, churches WW harness the power of videos, creating diverse content such as worship services, teachings, inspirational programs, and compelling testimonials. These videos are shared almost daily on the churches’ websites and platforms like YouTube and Instagram, encouraging the dedicated video editing teams to optimize their creation workflows and infrastructure. Facing disruptions to traditional in-person gatherings during Covid-19, churches significantly increased online distribution of videos to continue reaching their audience, and after the pandemic, this practice has endured.

Infortrend Eonstor Gs 4000 G3 AppliancesAs churches produce more videos, their demand for high-performance and high-capacity storage grows. EonStor GS proves to be a match for these M& E workloads. One notable use case involves a church with 6,000 members and 40,000 YouTube subscribers. In this scenario, the church utilizes EonStor GS 4000 G3, a performance SAS HDD storage integrated into the church’s 100GbE network environment. The solution works with Final Cut Pro. A built-in U.2 NVMe SSD cache enhances performance for a Full HD/4K collaborative video editing workflow for 10 video editors and swift file uploads, facilitating timely video sharing on the church’s online channels. With a 4U 60-bay design, the solution provides petabyte-level capacity to store created videos. Moreover, the dual-redundant controllers ensure high availability.

Our EonStor GS provides high performance for collaborative editing and large capacity for video storage, allowing churches to produce large amounts of videos to extend worship services beyond physical walls, thereby increasing their influence,” said Frank Lee, senior director, product planning, Infortrend Technology.

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