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VeeamON 2024: StorONE Targets Enterprises with Secure, Fast Backup, Archive, and Restores

Platform brings 3 advantages: Maximized drive utilization, built-in security, and fast restores and production capability.

StorONE, Inc. showcased at VeeamON from June 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the company being a silver sponsor of the event.

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The company transforms into a backup target, integrating with Veeam Software. The platform brings 3 distinct advantages to the backup and archival use case specific to Veeam:

  • Maximized drive utilization: More data can be stored on fewer drives without the performance penalty of de-duplication.

  • Built-in security: From immutable snapshots to multi-admin approval, data security is managed at the storage layer for rapid recovery.

  • Fast restores and production capability: Unlike many backup appliances designed solely for fast backups, the firm’ offer is a fully featured array capable of fast restores and running as a production copy if required, and has the necessary flash resources.

StorONE and Veeam are better together. Veeam provides for backup data movement and cataloging along with security features, whileStorONE adds an extra, complimentary layer of security, including multi-admin approval for changes,” said Gal Naor, CEO. “StorONE also unlocks many advanced features of Veeam, as it is a fully-featured array that can be configured for backups and high-performance storage, allowing Veeam restores and data integrity features to operate efficiently yet at a dramatically less expensive price point than competing backup solutions.”