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StoneFly DR365V Backup and DR Appliance now Supports Veeam Data Platform

For Proxmox virtual environment

StoneFly, Inc. announced that its DR365V backup and DR appliance now supports Veeam data platform for the Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE).

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This integration empowers businesses to leverage the cost-effective benefits of Proxmox VE alongside the data protection capabilities of Veeam, ensuring robust and flexible DR for their virtualized workloads.

StoneFly is committed to delivering data protection solutions that empower businesses with choice and flexibility,” said John Harris, director technical sales, StoneFly. “By extending Veeam support to Proxmox within the DR365V appliance, we’re enabling organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure while maintaining best-in-class data protection with Veeam.”

This announcement builds upon StoneFly’s existing recognition by Veeam as a Top-Tier Ransomware and DR Competency Partner, as highlighted in a recent StoneFly press release.

Key Benefits of StoneFly DR365V with Veeam Support for Proxmox VE:

  • Enhanced Data Protection: Seamless integration between Veeam Backup & Replication and Proxmox VE empowers businesses to leverage Veeam’s industry-leading backup, replication, and recovery capabilities for their virtualized workloads running on Proxmox VE.
  • Flexibility and Choice: The DR365V appliance provides a robust platform for Veeam backups, offering organizations the freedom to choose the hypervisor that best suits their needs without compromising on data protection.
  • Simplified DR: The DR365V streamlines DR VMs hosted on Proxmox VE, ensuring rapid recovery in the event of an outage or cyberattack.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The combination of StoneFly DR365V and Proxmox VE offers a cost-effective data protection solution for businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure while maintaining robust data security.
  • Built-In Ransomware Protection: Importantly, all of StoneFly’s ransomware protection features, including air-gapped and immutability, volume deletion protection, multi-factor authentication, and software-defined network isolation zone, have been tested and are fully functional for Proxmox environments. These features deliver an extra layer of security against evolving ransomware threats.

The StoneFly DR365V with support for Veeam Backup & Replication on Proxmox VE is available now. Organizations can leverage this integration to enhance their data protection strategy and ensure BC.

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