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Four Organisations Honored With Rubrik Inaugural Cyber Resilience Awards

Barclays Bank, ARIA S.p.A, Simpson Strong-Tie, and AMD

94% of IT and security leaders reported their organization experienced a significant cyberattack last year, according to the most recent Rubrik Zero Labs State of Data Security report.

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To honor the organizations standing up to cybercriminals in the face of modern threats, Rubrik, Inc. is launching the first-ever Cyber Resilience Awards. The winners – spanning multiple industries across the globe – demonstrate dedication to data security through innovation, strategic transformation, and global initiatives while on their respective journeys to strengthen their cyber resilience and better protect mission-critical data.

Rubrik honored customers in 4 categories: 

  • The Catalyst: This category recognizes the company that is unwavering in its commitment to transforming data security, enacting change, and building bridges across systems and teams to make the organization more secure.
    • Barclays Bank UK PLC, the global diversified bank, won for leveraging Rubrik’s advanced capabilities to ensure the protection and security of its valuable assets, collaborating to fulfill its Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) commitments, and bolstering its Cyber Resilience program.
  • The Transformer: This category recognizes the company that has revamped their cyber resilience strategy from the ground up to ensure complete ransomware remediation and data protection.
    • ARIA S.p.A, responsible for managing and securing critical healthcare data of 10 million citizens in the Regione Lombardia territory of Milan, Italy, won for transforming their cyber resilience strategy by deploying Rubrik Enterprise Edition to 15 hospitals within 3 months to keep their business moving forward.
  • The Global Guardian: This category recognizes the company that exemplifies unparalleled dedication to end-to-end data protection and data security for their global enterprise.
    • Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc., in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, won for trusting Rubrik to safeguard its critical data at a multi-petabyte scale while ensuring operational resiliency cyber threats.
  • The Innovator: This category recognizes the company that is relentless in tackling new challenges with out-of-the-box thinking and elevating the organization through innovative
    • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) won for prioritizing data security as essential to their mission to build resilient products that accelerate next gen computing experiences. Rubrik’s data permanence and protection features assure efficiency optimization in the constantly evolving AI landscape.

Rubrik is laser-focused on its mission to secure the world’s data. We drive cyber resilience for more than 6,100 customers worldwide, and we’re honored to recognize Barclays, ARIA S.p.A, Simpson Strong-Tie, and AMD for their commitment to data security and cyber resilience,” said Giri Iyer, chief customer officer. “These organizations are on the leading edge of their respective industries in data protection and data security. They demand excellence and innovation to ensure their operations – and more importantly, their customers – are protected and resilient in the face of cyber threats. We are proud to stand with them as their data security and cyber resilience partner.

In the Cyber Resilience Award Winners’ Own Words:
The scale of Barclays means we need to ensure our technology operates at the highest levels of resilience. Solutions like Rubrik support us in ensuring our technology estate is consistently secure and resilient for customers and clients,” said Ramon Ali, infrastructure distinguished engineer, Barclays.

We are on a mission to manage and secure the critical healthcare data of 10 million residents in the Regione Lombardia territory of Milan, Italy. We have put a lot of work into our data security strategy, so to be acknowledged in Rubrik’s Cyber Resilience Awards confirms that we made the right choice. It is a huge satisfaction to be recognized for The Transformer Award,” said Roberto Nocera, director IT infrastructure & cloud transformation officer, ARIA S.p.A.

Rubrik is a long-term strategic partner for Simpson Strong-Tie. Their continued innovation in data protection and, now, data security gives us confidence in our cyber resiliency vs. imminent threats. To be recognized in Rubrik’s inaugural Cyber Resilience Awards program as The Global Guardian is an incredible accomplishment! We are honored to receive it and proud to share what an important strategic partner Rubrik is to our environment, our business, and our overall purpose,” said John Meng, VP of IT infrastructure & operations, Simpson Strong-Tie.

At AMD, we deliver products that fuel the AI revolution. Securing our data is mission-critical. AMD’s hardware with Rubrik’s data security solutions provide us with the cyber resiliency we need to deliver next gen computing experiences. To be recognized as The Innovator is very impactful for us and speaks to the strength of our building partnership,” said Hasmukh Ranjan, CIO, AMD.