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Code42 Partners with Abnormal Security

To protect data from insider threats across email, Web, and cloud

Code42 Software, Inc. partnered with Abnormal Security, in AI-native human behavior security, to launch Abnormal Security for Incydr Flows.

Code42 Abnormal Security

The new integration will provide joint customers with increased visibility and control over data across email, web, cloud, and more while enabling security teams to quickly remediate insider threat incidents.

Integrating Code42 Incydr data protection with Abnormal Security addresses one of the most common vectors for data exfiltration: email,” said Dave Capuano, SVP product management, Code42. “According to Code42’s 2024 Annual Data Exposure Report, email is ranked as one of the top 3 data exfiltration methods that pose the greatest risk to businesses. As workers rely on email to do their jobs, the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, accidentally sending emails to the wrong recipient, or transferring files to personal email accounts is extremely high. This new integration combats this risk.

Abnormal Security for Incydr Flows enables organizations to use a single source to dynamically monitor and respond to risk-based events across email, web, and cloud to proactively prevent high-risk users from leaking data. When insider-driven events do occur, security teams can quickly stop and address incidents.

Joint customers can:

  • Manage user groups: Use information from Abnormal Security’s user groups to add, remove, and manage users on Code42 Incydr watch lists (e.g., high-risk users or repeat offenders) based on alert types.
  • Detect exfiltration: Seamlessly manage the highest-risk users and gain visibility into email, endpoint, and cloud exfiltration events.
  • Leverage a full range of controls: Take preventative and corrective action on detected activities using the full range of Abnormal Security and Code42 Incydr response controls.

The data loss and threat protection capabilities of Code42 Incydr data protection combined with Abnormal Security’s ability to deeply understand human behavior and precisely detect anomalies ensures our customers have comprehensive visibility and control over critical data,” said Mike Britton, chief information security officer, Abnormal Security. “The beauty of this integration is that it maximizes cybersecurity protections without hampering worker productivity.”

Abnormal Security for Incydr Flows will be available to joint customers of all Code42 Incydr data protection tiers and Abnormal Security product plans.