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Global Retailer Enhances Data Analytics Capabilities with Cloudian AI Data Lake on HPE GreenLake

Using in support of Splunk data analytics infrastructure

Cloudian, Inc. announced that one of recognized global retailers has deployed its AI-ready data lake software in support of their Splunk data analytics infrastructure. The complete solution runs on HPE GreenLake’s service model.

Cloudian Ai Data Lake For Ai Workflows
The Cloudian AI data lake deployment spans 3 data centers at the 200,000+ employee firm. This scalable platform is designed to handle multi-petabyte storage, reflecting the retailer’s large-scale data management requirements. A fully on-premises solution, it ensures data sovereignty, a critical consideration for compliance with global data protection standards. Compared with traditional enterprise storage solutions, the firm’s adoption of Cloudian software has resulted in over 50% cost savings.

This high-profile deployment with a prominent retailer again affirms the strategic relationship between Cloudian and HPE GreenLake, offering an agile platform for innovation in AI and data analytics,” said Eric Craig, sr. director, sales. “Our combined solution leverages Cloudian’s AI data lake to deliver scalable, cost-effective data management for Splunk workloads. We are committed to empowering our joint customers with secure, AI-ready data management solutions.”

The HPE GreenLake service will allow the retailer to easily scale their Cloudian AI data lake to keep pace with the needs of their business,” said Matt Banks, WW hybrid cloud sales lead, HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP). “With HPE GreenLake, the customer gains a cloud experience with full control and visibility of their platform usage, consumption and cost, whilst retaining data sovereignty with physical on-site presence, thus merging the benefits of both paradigms”.

Cloudian S3 Compatible Platform For Ai Workloads

The company’s secure AI data lake solution offers on-premises media capacity that can be situated anywhere, plus hybrid cloud integration that facilitates policy-driven data management across both cloud and on-premises platforms. The firm’s full S3 API compatibility simplifies the process of migrating workflows between cloud and on-premises environments. This allows users to leverage existing S3 API-based AI tools and applications while refining their infrastructure strategy to enhance security, sovereignty, and cost efficiency.

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