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Computex 2024: Qnap Showcasing Storage and Network Solutions in AI, Smart Manufacturing, HA, Cloud, Video Editing, and Air Gap Backup

With product sneak preview including TS-h1277AFX tower 12-bay SATA SSD all-flash NAS, TS-765eU 1U short-depth rackmount NAS, QSW-M3224-24T 24-port full 10GbE L3 Lite switch, TL-D810TC4 USB 4 interface JBOD, featuring 8x3.5-inch SATA drive bays, QNA-UC10G1T/QNA-UC10G1SF USB 4 to 10GbE adapters, and QAI-M100/QAI-U100 AI accelerator modules (3 TOPS)

QNAP Systems, Inc. will join Computex Taipei 2024 (Nangang Exhibition Center) to demonstrate IT solutions, including AI-powered file management and surveillance, HA solutions, myQNAPcloud One cloud storage, 25GbE solutions and Thunderbolt 4 NAS for video editing, and manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions.

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As we navigate the increasing complexities of managing exponential data growth across diverse industries, QNAP remains steadfast in its dedication to cutting-edge data management and protection,” stated Meiji Chang, chairman.“By integrating edge, network, and cloud technologies with advanced management platforms, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that prioritize reliability and effectiveness.

Integration of AI: smart surveillance, visual analysis, and semantic search

QVR Pro Client multi-channel surveillance screenshot

Qnap Qvr Pro Client Multi Channel Surveillance

The company has streamlined video surveillance management with enhancements to QVR Pro Client. Now, users can efficiently manage QVR Face facial recognition and QVR Human people counting applications through a single, layout-flexible portal. This portal accommodates all surveillance needs across single or multiple monitors, including generic 16:9 displays and 32:9 ultra-wide screens.

Qsirch semantic search screenshot
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Qnap View File

Besides QuMagie smart photo management that automatically categorizes albums by people, things, and places thanks to AI-powered image recognition, the firm has also pioneered AI semantic search technology for images. Instead of looking for exact keyword matches, Qsirch semantic search enables users to save time by finding images with a more intuitive and precise image search.

Maintaining HA for business success
In today’s fast-paced business environments, ensuring high availability is crucial for sustaining uninterrupted operations and driving business success. The company will showcase HA solutions designed to enhance availability across various aspects of IT infrastructure: switch redundancy with MC-LAG, enabling failover in case of hardware failures or network disruptions; VM high availability for minimizing workload downtime; surveillance failover that guarantees uninterrupted monitoring and recording; high-availability storage cluster with QNAP NAS. The company’s QuCPE network virtualization premise equipment also system-level high-availability to achieve minimal downtime for service availability.

Centralized cloud management platform, and hosted ‘myQNAPcloud One’

AMIZcloud dashboard screenshot
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Qnap Amizcloud Dashboard

Managing remote devices at scale has always been a challenge for modern IT. AMIZcloud, a cloud management platform for QNAP devices, offers advanced management capabilities that allow for centralized, self-service device management, all from a single interface. Besides remote management of the firm’s NAS units for system status, resource utilization, firmware update, and app installation, AMIZcloud will add support for remote management of QNAP network switches for optimal resource and service management efficiency.

myQNAPcloud Storage screenshot
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Qnap Mycloud Storage F03 Img 01

myQNAPcloud One’ offers a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure with immutability, and is designed to reinforce users’ hybrid backup plans from on-prem NAS to firm’s cloud amid the threat of cyber-attacks. myQNAPcloud One contains a range of solutions to protect various types of data and keep them available at all times, including myQNAPcloud Storage, myQNAPcloud Surveillance, and myQNAPcloud Object – assisting professionals and businesses in streamlining backup of NAS data, surveillance footage, and unstructured object data to dedicated cloud storage for double protection.

NAS optimizes manufacturing execution system (MES)
In a move towards streamlined manufacturing processes, the company’s NAS introduces solutions to optimize MES. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and security, the firm’s NAS integrates into factory environments, offering comprehensive features such as real-time factory monitoring, process image access, production records management, and secure surveillance footage backup. Leveraging data lifecycle management and retention, coupled with robust data protection to combat ransomware threats, The vendor NAS sets a new standard in MES optimization, empowering industries with productivity and resilience.

25GbE solutions and Thunderbolt 4 NAS for video editing and collaboration

TBS-h574TX Thunderbolt 4 all-flash NASbook

Qnap Tbs 574tx Frontandrear

The company’s 25GbE solutions and Thunderbolt 4 NAS change video editing and collaboration workflows. Visitors can discover the TBS-h574TX Thunderbolt 4 all-flash NASbook, 25GbE-optimized TS-h1277AFX NAS, and also witness the debut showcase of new USB 4 to 10GbE adapters and USB 4 JBOD units that further expand connectivity options for professionals seeking unparalleled performance and efficiency in their workflows.

Air gap backups and centralized management of cross-site NAS backup
Now businesses are encouraged to extend backup security by implementing 3-2-1-1-0 backup rule, where air gap backup is required to shield backup data from potential cyber threats. The firm introduces its Airgap+ air-gap backup solution by using QHora-321/QHora-322 products in conjunction with Hybrid Backup Sync tasks of firm’s NAS. This configuration guarantees superior enterprise data protection by generating offline backups, thereby providing resilience vs. cyberattacks.

QNAP Hybrid Backup Center

Qnap Hybrid Backup Center

Addressing the complexity of handling numerous NAS backup tasks, the company also introduces the Hybrid Backup Center – a centralized platform that effectively manages extensive cross-site NAS backup operations orchestrated by Hybrid Backup Sync. Enhanced with a user-friendly topology widget, it simplifies the management of diverse backup scenarios with efficiency.

New product sneak preview :

  • TS-h1277AFX: Tower 12-bay SATA SSD all-flash NAS powered by an AMD Ryzen 7000 series processor, featuring up to 192GB DDR5 memory, 2×2.5GbE and 2x10GBASE-T ports, 3xPCIe Gen 4 slots, 1xHDMI port, and more.

  • TS-765eU: 1U short-depth rackmount NAS powered by an Intel Atom 4-core processor and up to 16GB DDR5 memory (supports In-Band ECC), featuring 4×3.5-inch SATA drive bays, 3xE1.S/M.2 PCIe NVMe slots, 2×2.5GbE ports, and more.

  • QSW-M3224-24T: 24-port full 10GbE L3 Lite switch, supporting MC-LAG, IGMP-Snooping, AV over IP wizard, IP configuration (IPv4, IPv6, DNS), and more.

  • TL-D810TC4: USB 4 interface JBOD, featuring 8×3.5-inch SATA drive bays and 1xUSB 4 40Gb/s Type-C port.

  • QNA-UC10G1T/QNA-UC10G1SF: USB 4 to 10GbE adapters, providing options with 10GBASE-T or 10G SFP+ connectivity.

  • QAI-M100/QAI-U100: AI accelerator modules (3 TOPS), providing options with USB 3.2 Gen 1 or M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 2 x1 interfaces.

The availability of the aforementioned new products will be announced separately.