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Computex 2024: Patriot Memory Showcasing Extreme DDR5 Memory, Gen5 M.2 SSDs and Storage Solutions

Including Viper Xtreme 5 and MPOWER series DDR5 memory, overclockable ECC RDIMM modules, Viper PV573 Gen5 x4 NVMe M.2 SSD, iLuxe Cube auto-backup solution for mobile devices, ACPI EU2H2-BL and EU2H1-BL enterprise-grade U.2 NVMe SSDs, M.2 2242 M2PDG-4 and upcoming M.2 2280 M2PDH-8

Patriot Memory, Inc. is set to steal the spotlight at Computex 2024 with innovations that redefine performance standards across multiple product categories.

Patriot Memory Viper Xtreme 5 Ddr5 2

From record DDR5 memory speeds to next-gen Gen5 SSDs and enterprise and industrial storage solutions, the company is showcasing its relentless drive for performance.

Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 memory: New era of speed
The firm’s Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 series has been nominated for ‘Best System Memory Series’ at the 10th annual European Hardware Awards, a testament to its performance and innovative design. Achieving speeds up to 8,200MT/s and 11,500MT/s when overclocked, this memory series has propelled overclockers to new heights, setting records and dominating the 3DMark leaderboards with AMD’s latest AM5 APUs.

For the 2nd consecutive year, the company’s Viper series is a finalist, highlighting the company’s commitment to pushing the limits of performance. Enthusiasts and industry experts are abuzz with the capabilities of the Viper Xtreme 5, making it a must-see at Computex.

Workstations with overclockable ECC RDIMM
The firm is taking professional workstations to the next level with its overclockable ECC RDIMM modules. These memory modules not only offer superior error correction and larger capacities but also the ability to overclock, catering to the intense demands of 3D rendering, video editing, and AI training.

By leveraging the latest Intel and AMD chipsets, these RDIMM modules allow professionals to exceed industry specs, achieving higher frequencies and tighter timings. Patriot stands out as one of the few brands offering overclockable ECC RDIMM solutions, solidifying its position as a leader in high-end workstation memory.

Game-Changing DDR5 collaboration: Patriot and MSI
In a collaboration with MSI (Micro-Star Int’l Co., Ltd., Patriot presents the Viper Xtreme 5 RGB DDR5 MPOWER Series, designed for gamers and overclockers. This series offers speeds up to 8,000MT/s and capacities up to 48GB, delivering the ultimate performance boost for gaming rigs and workstations.

Featuring MSI’s EZ Dashboard utility for precise timing and voltage control, and an all-silver aluminum heat spreader for optimal thermal performance, this series also boasts customizable RGB lighting synchronized across components. The On-Die ECC technology ensures data integrity even under extreme conditions, making it a top choice for enthusiasts.

Patriot Memory Viper Pv573 Ssd

Breaking speed barriers: Gen5 x4 SSDs
The company’s Viper PV573 Gen5 x4 NVMe SSD is set to redefine storage speed with sequential RW performance of 14,000/12,000 MB/s. This M.2 2280 SSD, equipped with a PCIe Gen5 controller and 2400MT/s NAND speeds, offers a maximum capacity of 4TB in a thin design for high-performance setups.

Also on display is the Viper PD573, a DRAMless Gen5 SSD delivering up to 14,000/12,000 MB/s sequential RW speeds. With capacities up to 16TB and enhanced energy efficiency, it’s for mobile applications and battery-powered devices. Both SSDs feature advanced error correction and compliance with industry standards, underscoring Patriot’s dedication to storage innovation.

Mobile backup with iLuxe Cube
Introducing the iLuxe Cube, the company’s auto-backup solution for mobile devices. Available in Type-A and Type-C models, the iLuxe Cube offers USB 3.2 Gen 1 transfer speeds and app support for backups while charging.

Automatically backing up new photos and videos from iPhones and iPads, the iLuxe Cube intelligently avoids duplicate backups and restores all data with original formats, metadata, and organization intact. With power-saving dark mode and multi-user folder creation, it simplifies data management, showcasing Patriot’s innovative approach to SSD applications.

ACPI: Advanced enterprise and industrial storage for edge AI
ACPI, Patriot Group’s industrial solution brand, is unveiling advanced storage solutions for enterprise and industrial needs, with a focus on real-time Edge AI data processing to cater to the growing demands. Highlights include the EU2H2-BL and EU2H1-BL enterprise-grade U.2 NVMe SSDs, designed to reduce dependency on cloud infrastructure for AI applications. The EU2H2-BL, with Marvell PCIe Gen5 controller and 3D eTLC NAND, delivers 14,000/6,300MB/s sequential speeds, security features, and reliable performance for Edge AI workloads. The PCIe 4.0 EU2H1-BL offers 7,400/6,400MB/s speeds, advanced power loss protection, and adjustable power consumption for low TCO.

ACPI also introduces performance PCIe Gen4 x4 flash storage solutions in mainstream M.2 form factors to meet the demands of industrial control applications. The M.2 2242 M2PDG-4 series achieves up to 5,170/4,530MB/s RW speeds, while the upcoming M.2 2280 M2PDH-8 series can reach up to 7,430/6,900MB/s. With advanced error correction, RAID engines, and superior thermal management, these solutions offer reliability and performance for Edge AI and embedded system deployments.

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