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addlink 2024 Virtual Showcase: Explore AI-Driven Storage Innovations

Showcasing upcoming products: AddGame G55 Gen5x4 SSD, P50 and P60 USB SSDs, and DataCenter NAS D60 and D20 SSDs

addlink Technology Co., Ltd. invites you to visit the company’s Virtual Showcase 2024.

Addlink Ai Storage Computex Intro

This online event will unveil a series of storage and memory solutions tailored for AI professionals, gamers, and IT experts. Mark your calendars and be part of a technological evolution.

Experience innovation first-hand

This company’s Virtual Showcase 2024 will explore 3 pivotal themes:

  • AI-enhanced PCs: Experience Gen5 SSD and USB SSDs, designed for speeds and efficiency. These advanced solutions optimize performance across AI PCs, AI laptops, and Smart mobility devices.

  • Gaming consoles: Enhance your Gaming PC, PS5, Switch, and handheld consoles with high-capacity, high-performance storage options. Designed for serious gamers, these solutions offer swift response times and ample storage for the latest games.

  • Enterprise solutions: Depend on robust, high-endurance storage for NAS and servers, ensuring data integrity and reliability. For critical applications, these products provide durability and data protection.

Upcoming products highlights:

AddGame G55 Gen5 SSD

Addgame G55 Gen5x4 Ssd Computex24
The AddGame G55 Gen5x4 SSD features a sophisticated, gorgeous black heatsink and a robust 7nm controller, pushing speeds up to 10,000MB/s. Designed for AI PCs, this SSD combats thermal issues and enhances reliability without sacrificing performance.

Plug-and-Play with P50 and P60 USB SSDs

Addlink Portable Ssd P50 And P60 Usb Ssds Computex24

Whether you’re a professional on the go or a tech enthusiast, the P50 and P60 USB SSDs deliver seamless plug-and-play connectivity with fast data transfer rates of up to 1,050MB/s. Both models are equipped with USB 3.2 Gen2 technology and provide up to 2TB of storage. Featuring USB Type-C and Type-A options, these SSDs ensure compatibility with the latest laptops, Android devices, and iPhones, including the iPhone 15. For those who need top performance on the go.

Reliable enterprise storage with NAS D60/D20 SSDs

Addlink Nas Datacenter Nas D60 And D20 Ssds Computex24

The company’s DataCenter NAS D60 and D20 SSDs are engineered for performance in NAS systems and servers. The NAS D60 SSD leverages PCIe Gen4 NVMe technology, is compatible with PCIe Gen3 systems, and delivers consistent sustained sequential read speeds up to 6,000MB/s. It offers long-term durability with a rating of 1 Drive Write Per Day (DWPD) and includes comprehensive power loss data protection.

The NAS D20 SSD, built on a reliable SATA 3 interface, offers consistent performance and is available in capacities up to 15.36TB. It also ensures long-term durability with a 1 DWPD rating and features power loss protection to maintain data integrity during unexpected power failures.

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