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Scality Artesca 3.0 Offers CORE5 Cyber Resilience to Thwart Ransomware Attacks on Backup Data

Artesca for Veeam takes data protection beyond immutability with 5 levels of defense vs. AI-fueled ransomware.

Scality SA announced the newest release of Artesca S3 object storage software to offer CORE5 end-to-end cyber resilience with 5 distinct levels of protection from API-to-Architecture.

Scality Core5 Scality Intro

Available now for the Veeam Data Platform, Artesca 3.0 addresses challenges facing enterprises as cybercriminals leverage AI to fuel more pervasive and sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Every vendor selling immutable storage claims their solution will make your data ransomware-proof, but it’s clear – immutability is not enough to keep data 100% protected,” said Paul Speciale, CMO. 94% of IT leaders rely on immutable storage as a foundational aspect of their cybersecurity strategy. If immutable backups were the answer, then why did ransom payments double in 2023 to more than $1 billion? It’s time that the storage industry goes beyond immutability to deliver end-to-end cyber resilience.

Beyond immutability with Artesca CORE5 for Veeam
Artesca 3.0 is a 1st object storage software to provide such data protection. New CORE5 capabilities safeguard data at 5 critical levels from API-to-Architecture for end-to-end cyber resilience:

  1. API-level: Immutability implemented via S3 object lock provides a top-line defense by ensuring backups are immutable the instant they’re created. Strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) and access control help administrators prevent breaches on employees.
  2. Data-level: Multiple layers of data-level security measures are employed to prevent attackers from accessing and exfiltrating stored data
  3. Storage-level: Advanced encoding techniques prevent destruction or exfiltration of backups by rendering stored data indecipherable to attackers, even those using stolen access privileges to bypass higher-level protections.
  4. Geographic-level: Simple and affordable multi-site data copies prevent data loss even if an entire data center is targeted in an attack.
  5. Architecture-level: An intrinsically immutable core architecture ensures data is always preserved in its original form once stored, even if the attacker attains the necessary access privileges to bypass API-level immutability.

Artesca’s CORE5 capabilities set the bar for a new standard of truly cyber-resilient storage in modern data centers. Windows of exposure are effectively eliminated by providing not only the strongest form of data immutability, but also cyber resilience at all levels of the system,” said Speciale. “Together with Veeam, our customers achieve unbreakable data protection.

Scality Veeam Artesca ScreensFastest data recovery for Veeam with performance at scale
Artesca’s tight integration with Veeam Data Platform provides fast data recovery without suffering performance degradation as data grows.

Artesca 3.0 for Veeam is:

  • Veeam Ready validated for Veeam high-performance tier deployments on hybrid and all-flash storage servers at an affordable cost
  • VMware Instant Recovery Ready with high performance on all-flash servers
  • Simple-to-use compatibility with Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 and Veeam Kasten in a single system
  • Quickly and effortlessly configured as a ransomware-hardened Veeam repository, thanks to its built-in Veeam Assistant tool
  • Offered as a turnkey hardware appliance for Veeam with a Quickstart Wizard to simplify integration into network environments

As the #1 leader in data backup and ransomware recovery, Veeam works closely with our Technology Alliance Partners to advance our mission to keep businesses running,” said Andreas Neufert, VP, product management, alliances, Veeam Software, Inc.This latest version of Scality Artesca enhances the capabilities of Veeam Data Platform, fortifying immutable backups and strengthening cyber resilience for our joint customers. When enterprises become the victim of cyber attacks, the ability to rapidly recover critical, clean data is paramount to ensure business continuity and minimal downtime. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Scality and extend this enhanced level of cyber resilience to enterprises.

Capabilities in Artesca 3.0 with CORE5 cyber resilience
CORE5 cyber resilience goes beyond baseline immutability to render backup storage truly unbreakable against ransomware and malware attacks.

The latest version of Artesca includes:

  • Design in accordance with US Executive Order 14028 Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity and zero-trust architecture principles, including enforced authentication and end-to-end encryption of data.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for admin users that can now be globally enforced to provide additional login protection for admins and data managers
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD), configurable directly through the secure Artesca administrative UI.
  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) compliance testing through OpenSCAP project tools for continual conformance with CIS cybersecurity recommendations, including password strength compliance based on length, complexity and history.
  • Extended security-hardening of the integrated OS that disallows root access including remote shell or su as root; admin access is only granted through a system-defined Artesca-os user identity adhering to the principle of least privileges.
  • A software bill of materials (SBOM) of components and suppliers, scanned and continuously patched for CVEs, to provide customers with visibility into their software supply chain, and automated OS updates to quickly patch vulnerabilities.
  • Increased growth to 8.5PB of usable capacity, with support for high-density servers from an even wider choice of storage hardware and broadened support for multiple types of flash drives.
  • Assured high data durability for high-density flash drives and HDD with enhanced dual-level erasure-coding.

Easy deployment options
Artesca 3.0 object storage software is designed to be deployed quickly, with 3 on-premise solutions to suit your needs:

How to purchase Artesca
Artesca 3.0 will be available
in 3Q24 through a network of certified reseller partners globally, supported by distribution partners Ingram Micro, Carahsoft, TD Synnex, Arrow, and other regional distributors. (Get a complete list of authorized Artesca resellers here.)

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