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Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager to Simplify Integrating Organization’s Data Securely with any AI Service

Rapid no-code AI workflow builder addresses use cases such as sensitive data identification, chatbot augmentation and image recognition.

Komprise, Inc. released the Smart Data Workflow Manager to simplify integrating an organization’s data securely with any AI service.

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Two major issues related to AI success are efficiently discovering and feeding the right data to an AI platform and enriching data sets for AI. Both processes are highly manual, laborious tasks that are error-prone and require meticulous data governance.

A 2024 study by IBM revealed that nearly half (45%) of companies report that advances in AI tools that make them more accessible are driving AI adoption. The research also found that only 34% are currently training or reskilling employees to work together with new automation and AI tools. Automation without specialized skills in coding or AI tools is essential to achieve time-to-value with AI.  

Smart Data Workflow Manager rsimplifies AI use in enterprises with:

  • Easy data workflow wizard: Intuitive point-and-click UI wizard helps you set up an AI data workflow – from searching for the right data set, to configuring and tuning the AI service, to defining the tags and how frequently the workflow should run.
  • Global search and analytics: Use Komprise Deep Analytics to search across your entire data estate, on-premises and in the cloud, and define the precise data set you wish to use. Since AI is compute-intensive, time consuming and expensive, you want to feed your AI application the exact data set required.

  • Automated workflows: Komprise automatically runs your workflow and repeats the process as new data becomes available, saving you time and effort and ensuring the continuous enrichment of your data.

  • Pre-built integrations with AI services for sensitive PII data detection, chatbot augmentation and image detection: Create a variety of AI workflows and common use cases by leveraging a catalog of pre-built integrations to popular AI services from Azure, AWS and others.

  • Intuitive monitoring: Monitor 100s of workflows from a single interface, even when leveraging AI services from different clouds. See the status of each workflow, how many files were processed, the runtime, the next scheduled run and any actionable errors.

  • Tags to retain context: Enrich data with tags in the Komprise Global File Index. The tags then become file characteristics you can query and take actions on, so you do not have to re-run the AI service on the same data repeatedly, saving time and money. Tags are stored in the Global File Index and therefore don’t change the file attributes in any way.  

  • Data governance and auditing: The company delivers data governance with auditing by maintaining logs of details such as what data is fed, when, and to which service.

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With Komprise, our librarians can process more images than ever and at faster speeds by leveraging AI to systematically tag all our digital collections,” says Rob Behary, head, systems and scholarly communications, Gumberg Library, Duquesne University.

Our mission at Komprise is to help customers maximize the value of their data, and leveraging AI responsibly and efficiently is a priority,” says Kumar Goswami, co-founder and CEO, Komprise. “We are targeting common use cases that many of our customers have brought to us as a first step and we will continue to expand the Smart Data Workflow ecosystem to encompass any AI service.”

Smart Data Workflow Manager is available as an early access program to customers. It is included in the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform.

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