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Rimage Joins Active Archive Alliance

Collaboration of storage and IT vendors that support use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management


Rimage Corporation has joined the Active Archive Alliance, a collaboration of storage and IT vendors that collectively support the use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management.

Rimage Joins Active Archive Alliance

We’re pleased to welcome Rimage to the Alliance as we continue to educate the market on the many benefits of active archiving for intelligent data management,” said Kel Pults, DHA, MSN, RN, NI-BC, NREMT, chief clinical officer and VP of government strategy, MediQuant, LLC and co-chairperson of the Active Archive Alliance. “Active archives are revolutionizing the way organizations access and utilize data, and Rimage is at the forefront with its suite of solutions designed for data lifecycle management.”

We’re excited to join the other leading storage and data management companies of the Active Archive Alliance to promote innovative solutions for managing data growth,” said Rick Bump, chief revenue and operations officer, Rimage. “Our products are purpose-built to help organizations become good data stewards by managing their digital assets through every stage of the data lifecycle, including moving data to an active archive where it is accessible, secure, and preserved in an economical manner.

An active archive enables data owners to build intelligent archival storage systems that combine disk, flash, optical and tape in the data center and in the cloud. These smart, flexible active archiving systems enable users to access, manage, and derive value from massively growing archives. The heart of the active archive solution is an intelligent management layer that provides views of data stored on multiple platforms as a virtual data repository. The software monitors and may migrate archival data across storage tiers while maintaining accessibility and cybersecurity.

Rimage Enterprise Laser Storage (ELS) is a secure, green, and efficient disk library system that enables organizations to improve their storage processes in the face of increasing regulatory requirements, data growth accessibility, and retention. The company’s Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) solution helps an organization manage its digital assets from creation through destruction and all the phases in between.

Interested in joining other active archive solution vendors in advancing modern strategies to solve data growth challenges? Visit the Active Archive Alliance Sponsorship page for more details on how your organization can benefit.

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