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History 2004: CEO Victor Perez from Chaparral to Panasas

Spent 22 years at StorageTek.

Following Chaparral Network Storage’s acquisition by Dot Hill Systems (SN 4/04), as is often the case, the CEO of the acquired company is not asked by the buyer to stay on.

Perez PanasasThis holds true for Victor Perez, 54, former president and CEO of Chaparral, who has just been offered the same 2 positions at Panasas, a start-up into storage for Linux clusters. Perez, who spent 22 years at StorageTek, culminating at COO before joining Chaparral, will replace Panasas’ interim president and CEO Derek Proudian, who filled in after the departure of Rod Schrock.

This article is an abstract of news published on issue 200 on September 2004 from the former paper version of Computer Data  Storage Newsletter.

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