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Automate 2024: Apacer Showcasing Backup and Recovery Technologies/Solutions

Including CoreSnapshot, CoreRescue ASR and CoreRescue USR technologies, SLC-liteX, eMMCs, PCIe M.2 2280 SSDs and DRAM modules, including DDR5 modules

Thanks to recent developments in the AI field, and following in the wake of the world’s recovery from Covid-19, the transition of factories to partial or full automation proceeds with unstoppable momentum.

Apacer Automate Intro

And the best place to learn about the latest technologies that aim to make this transition as painless as possible is at Automate 2024. This is North America’s largest robotics and automation event, and was held in Chicago, IL, from May 6 to 9.

At the show, Apacer Technology Inc. get hands-on with solutions. Automate attracts professionals from around the world. The company’s team will be on hand to discuss the latest technological developments created by its experienced R&D team. Many of these developments were specifically created to reduce the pain points commonly experienced by fully automated facilities.

Take CoreSnapshot, for example. This backup and recovery technology can restore a crashed system to full operation in a few seconds, reducing downtime and associated maintenance costs. The firm recently updated CoreSnapshot, creating CoreRescue ASR and CoreRescue USR. The name of CoreRescue ASR refers to Auto Self Recovery. This technology will harness AI to learn the system booting process and analyze how long a boot should take. If this average boot time is significantly longer than usual, the system will trigger the self-recovery process and revert to an earlier, uncorrupted version of the drive’s content. CoreRescue USR offers similar functionality, except the self-recovery process is triggered by connecting a small USB stick drive.

Other value-adding technologies will be on display at Automate as well. These include anti-sulfuration protection, which is invaluable to factories located in areas with large amounts of sulfur in the air, and SLC-liteX, which allows a customer to select a tradeoff between drive capacity and endurance that meets their specific needs. In fact, SLC-liteX can even deliver up to 100,000 P/E cycles upon request. Automate attendees will be able to check out the company‘s wide range of eMMCs, as well as new large-capacity PCIe M.2 2280 4TB (with wide temperature operation) and 8TB SSDs.

And it’s not just SSDs on show. The firm is also renowned for its range of DRAM modules, including DDR5 modules in a variety of form factors, such as SODIMM, UDIMM and RDIMM. DDR5 wide-temperature and VLP modules just became available. And recently, Apacer’s engineers created an alloy that can take the place of lead in DRAM modules. That allowed the company to introduce the world’s 1st fully-lead free DRAM modules, meaning European importers no longer need to worry about their goods relying on EU exemptions. There’s even anti-sulfuration protection for DRAM modules too.