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Zerto Updated Cyber Resilience Vault Solution Using HPE Alletra Storage MP

Enables rapid air-gapped recovery after even worst cyberattacks.

Zerto, Inc., a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, announced the integration of its Cyber Resilience Vault with Alletra Storage MP, HPE’s next-gen storage solution for running critical workloads with AI-powered high performance.

Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

The updated Cyber Resilience Vault enables rapid air-gapped recovery after even the worst cyberattacks. Now with Alletra Storage MP, the Cyber Resilience Vault benefits from improved immutability features so that data copies are unavailable to threat actors. Alletra Storage MP also brings a 100% data availability guarantee to the landing zone storage within the Cyber Resilience Vault. Together HPE and Zerto are enabling businesses to safeguard their critical data assets and minimize disruptions in an increasingly dangerous threat environment.

Ransomware attacks continue to plague modern businesses, causing an unprecedented $1 billion in damage in 2023 alone. The downtime and disruptions that result from these attacks can take an immense financial toll with some estimates suggesting upwards of $1 million in losses/hour of downtime for larger businesses. However, it’s not just large organizations that can be impacted: ransomware attacks affect businesses of every size, in every industry, in every country in the world.

The company’s, decentralized, offline vault enables rapid air-gapped recovery, and when paired with Alletra Storage MP, it offers a balance: recovery software backed by high-performance, all-flash hardware. Crucially, the Cyber Resilience Vault combines 2 essential cybersecurity concepts: immutable data copies that are protected vs. tampering with and an isolated clean room in which to recover those copies. Together, the all-in-one solution can give businesses the peace of mind required to navigate a cybersecurity environment that grows more dangerous with each passing day.

In less than a year, Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault has become one of the go-to resilience solutions for modern businesses, and this integration promises to extend its capabilities even further,” said Matt Boris, VP, global GTM, Zerto, HPE. “Ransomware attacks are an inescapable fact of life across the globe, and businesses are desperate for solutions that can identify, mitigate, and remediate threats with maximal speed. Zerto is designed to precisely do that, and this update to the Cyber Resilience Vault solution only further confirms Zerto’s standing as an industry leader for resilience.”

Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault 2

The firm’s Cyber Resilience Vault has 3 core pillars: replicate and detect, isolate and lock, and test and recover. When paired with the vault’s zero-trust architecture, these pillars facilitate rapid air-gapped recovery in a highly secure environment. In addition to mitigating the most devastating ransomware scenarios, it is designed to aid keeping businesses in compliance with proliferating state and federal regulations, minimizing the risk of hefty penalties or worse.

Other resilience solutions on the market are hampered by outmoded techniques such as lower-tier backup grade storage and slow, file-based security scanning, which inevitably lead to unacceptably long RPOs and RTOs. These solutions are also only partially isolated and thus more vulnerable to outside attack. The company’s air-gapped Cyber Resilience Vault, by contrast, is built with production-grade, all-flash storage with immutable copies created with the proprietary Virtual Lock technology inside Alletra Storage MP to keep attackers out and the data inside safe.