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Emoji happyNidec: Fiscal 4Q23 Financial Results

Sales of HDD spindle motors up 18% Y/Y to ¥23 billion

(in ¥ million) 4Q22 4Q23 FY22 FY23
Revenue 594,026 593,514 2,242.824 2,348.202
Growth   -0%   5%
Profit before income taxes 48,393 9,218 202.919 120.540

Nidec Corp. announced its financial results for fiscal year ended March 31, 2024.

Notably specialist of small motors, it is by far the WW leader in spindle motors for HDDs (but also for optical disc drives) with a market share surpassing 70%, with Minebea among competitor.

Revenue of these devices reach ¥78.608 million in FY24 vs. ¥78.462 in FY23, or perfectly flat Y/Y.

The figures are ¥19,041 in 4FQ23 and ¥22,512 in 4FQ24 – or up 18.2% Y/Y – , with operating profit ¥12,992 and ¥7,451, respectively, because of increased demand on HDDs for servers.

Small Precision Motors:
Sub-Segment Results and Y/Y Changes
Click to enlargeScreenshot 1715534981

The company forecasts global revenue of ¥2,400,000 million for FY25, or +2% compared to FY24.



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