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Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum: Huawei OceanClub Makes Global Debut Fostering Storage Innovation and Collaboration

Dedicated to serving all IT professionals, offering platform for technical innovation and intellectual exchange

At Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2024, the storage technology community OceanClub marked its official debut.

Michael Qiu, global sales president, data storage marketing and solutions, Huawei

Huawei Oceanclub Launch

The platform aims to promote industry applications and technological innovation in storage, and foster technical exchanges and collaboration among peers. Qiu, global sales president, data storage marketing and solutions, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, along with a group of esteemed European partners, jointly launched the OceanClub.

He stated that with the rapid advancement of AI technology, vast amounts of data are awakening, ushering in the era of data monetization. The establishment of OceanClub aims to empower data professionals by granting them the opportunity to partake in the rewards of the AI era. As an open global nonprofit organization, OceanClub is dedicated to serving all IT professionals, offering a platform for technical innovation and intellectual exchange.

Experts, scholars, engineers, and technology enthusiasts in the storage field are welcomed to join OceanClub. As a member, everyone will have access to a range of services, including peer exchanges, training empowerment, MVP selections, industry insights, and collaborative innovation. Through hosting diverse online and offline seminars, corporate visits, public classes, and practical courses, OceanClub is committed to helping members enhance their storage technology capabilities and achieve their career development goals.

Additionally, OceanClub has established an incentive mechanism to encourage members to earn points by sharing knowledge, publishing articles, participating in discussions, and delivering speeches. These points can be used to redeem community gifts, gain priority access to community activities, and participate in MVP selections. Members selected as MVPs will also enjoy high-value services such as free trips to China for technical exchanges.

In 2024, OceanClub plans to organize over 100 peer exchange events and activities in more than 30 countries across Europe, AsiaPac, and the Middle East to promote the popularization of storage technology and unleash the potential of data.

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