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WW HDD Units Shipped Up 3% Q/Q in 1CQ24 at 29.7 Million

22% for capacity at 262EB


This market report from Trendfocus, Inc. is part of its SDAS: HDD Information Service CQ1 ’24 Quarterly Update – Executive Summary, April 26, 2024.

HDD Capacity Shipped Jumps 22% Q/Q in 1CQ24 to 262EB
Units rise 3% sequentially to nearly 30 million HDDs,
nearline tops 12 million units and 210EB.

  • For Seagate, nearline HDD units lifted 7% sequentially to 4.85 million on an 8% capacity rise to 76.51EB. Average nearline capacity of 15.8TB inched up 1% Q/Q while overall average capacity of 8.8TB increased 8% from the prior quarter. Nearline unit share of 39.7% slipped from 45.6% in the prior quarter while total unit share declined from 40.0% in CQ4’23 to 38.1% in 1CQ24.
  • For Toshiba, nearline capacity shipments of 26.58EB on 1.90 million units jumped 41% and 27%, respectively, while the company’s nearline market share of 15.5% lifted marginally from 15.1% 4CQ23. Average HDD capacity of 5.3TB increased 20% Q-Q while unit share of 22.4% remained nearly unchanged from 4CQ23.
  • For Western Digital, nearline capacity of 107.13EB rocketed up 61% Q/Q while units for the segment jumped 41% over the same period to 5.48 million HDDs. As a result, nearline unit share of 45% and total HDD unit share of 40% led the industry for the 1st time in recent history. Average nearline capacity rose to 19.6TB, up 15% Q/Q, while total average capacity of 10.9TB soared 30% sequentially on the increased nearline shipment mix.

HDD Supplier Summary, 1CQ24, Units in Million

Company HDDs in million Q/Q change Exabytes
Market share
Seagate 11.32 -1.9%
99.13 38.1%
Toshiba 6.64 2.2%
35.45 22.4%
WDC 11.72 8.4%
127.55 39.5%
TOTAL 29.68
262.13 100%