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Samsung Introduces Up to 512GB BAR Plus and FIT Plus USB 3.2 Gen1 Flash Drives

$80 (512GB), up to 400MB/s and 110MB/s RW speeds

Samsung Electronics America announced a 512GB capacity for its BAR Plus and FIT Plus USB 3.2 Gen1 flash drives.

BAR Plus flash drives

Samsung Bar Plus Flash Drive4

These drives introduce more storage capacity to the lineup in the same sleek designs, perfect for storing your tunes, photos/videos, and important work or school documents. These USB flash drives help you backup your data and save time thanks to their high capacity, quick speeds, wide device compatibility, and reliability.

We recognize that professionals across USA have more data storage needs than ever. That’s why we’re introducing a new size option within our cutting-edge BAR Plus and FIT Plus USB flash drive line-up, ensuring there is a storage solution for everyone,” said Jose Hernandez, senior director, memory product marketing, Samsung. “The drives are also intentionally designed to fit your personal style – whether you prefer something sleek and modern or unassuming and traditional, you can always be plugged in.

Samsung Bar Plus Usb Flash Drive

The 512GB options offer read speeds of up to 400MB/s and write speeds up to 110MB/s. With both USB flash drives, you can transfer a 3GB 4K UHD video file to your PC in 10s (1). Plus, it’s versatile thanks to its compatibility with any device that uses a USB 3.1 port, and it’s also backward compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. For easy use, they are compatible with OSs like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

  • The stylish and minimalist design of the BAR Plus USB flash drive is a modern take on the classic USB flash drive. The sturdy metal body keeps your data safe, and the integrated key ring prevents accidental misplacement or loss. It’s perfect for laptops and tablets.

  • The compact FIT Plus USB flash drive is designed to plug in and stay in your device for a seamless and unobtrusive look. It’s for laptops, tablets, televisions, car audio systems, gaming consoles, and more.

FIT Plus flash drive

Samsung Fit Plus Usb Flash Drive

Thanks to the durability of the Samsung BAR Plus and FIT Plus USB flash drives, files stay secure – and both are backed by Samsung 5-proof protection. These drives can withstand water, temperatures, x-ray, drops, and magnetic impact. They also come with a 5-year limited warranty.

The BAR Plus and FIT Plus 512GB USB flash drives will be available on Samsung.com and select retailers:

(1) Minimum of 10s for 256/128GB models; minimum of 14s for 64/32GB models (tested with combination of Asus Z370-G, Intel i7-8700K@3.70GHz, 8GB DDR4 and Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit).