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NAB Show: Ugreen Exhibits NASync Series Lineup of NAS for Personal, Home or Business Users

From $400 to $500, including DXP480T Plus, DXP2800, DXP4800 and DXP4800 Plus, DXP6800 Pro and DXP8800 Plus models

At NAB Show 2004, Ugreen will showcase its 1st NAS series, titled the NASync series.

Ugreen Nasync Series Intro

The series has launched via crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, on March 26, and has since raised over $5 million with over 10,000 current backers. 

Next-level storage. limitless possibilities
The company’s NAS solutions provide film and television practitioners with more convenient, more efficient, and better data security image storage solutions. The NASync series provides larger and scalable storage space for centralized storage to face the growing demand for storage of pictures, video, and other data. RAID configurations coupled with finance-grade encryption, give NASync a level of added security and safety. These devices provide secure remote access to files and data anytime, anywhere. Collaboration between content creation teams can be made easier and more efficient with the ability to allocate roles to team members.

Ugreen Nasync Series 3

The firm’s NASync series is a versatile range designed to cater to a variety of use scenarios. The NASync DXP480T Plus is designed to meet the needs of creative and media professionals. The NASync DXP2800 and NASync DXP4800 and DXP4800 Plus are tailored for personal and home users. For power users and business solutions, the firm offers the NASync DXP6800 Pro and NASync DXP8800 Plus.

The NASync series models are all powered by the 12th gen processor and feature up to Core i7 Processor. Specifically for business and professional users, models such as the NASync DXP6800 Pro, DXP8800 Plus, and DXP480T Plus are equipped with a 12th gen Core i5 Processor. This leads to enhanced responsiveness, data processing, and multi-tasking. Furthermore, the advantage of multimedia processing and transcoding improves the media file playback experience.

Additionally, the NASync DXP6800 Pro, DXP8800 Plus, and DXP480T Plus are all equipped with dual Thunderbolt 4 Ports. These ports can be connected to a variety of storage devices, such as mobile HDDs and RAID enclosure, enabling high-speed data transmission. The transmission rate for a single port can reach up to 40Gb/s.

It’s also noteworthy that both the NASync DXP6800 Pro and DXP8800 Plus models come equipped with dual 10GbE network ports. These 2 10GbE network ports can be combined to provide a total bandwidth of 20GbE, allowing for theoretical download speeds of up to 2,500MB/s. Furthermore, the load between the 2 port links can be dynamically adjusted and balanced, enhancing the overall transmission efficiency.

Every model in the company’s NASync series is equipped with an expandable 8GB DDR5 memory. DDR5 is a technological advancement over DDR4, with its performance and transmission capabilities far surpassing its predecessor. In fact, DDR5 operates at speeds 2-3x faster than DDR4, providing a substantial performance boost. The 8GB DDR5 4,800MHz memory offers the latest in processing speeds, leading to improvements in software and system performance. For models like NASync 4800 Plus, DXP6800 Pro, DXP8800 Plus and NASync DXP480T Plus, with the capacity to expand memory up to 64GB, even the most resource-intensive software becomes manageable, and multi-tasking is more efficient. Importantly, it accelerates data processing, which is advantageous for tasks such as AI recognition and video transcoding.

Ugreen Nasync Series 2

The NASync series, unlike cloud drives, securely stores substantial amounts of personal data on local devices. This approach reduces the risks of information leakage and surveillance, providing users with control and peace of mind. With its professional data security features, such as multiple layers of protection and high-strength encryption, the series ensures the safety and privacy of user data.

The series prioritizes data security during transmission by employing secure protocols like SSL/TLS. It uses SHA256 encryption, a standard in the financial and communications sectors, to safeguard user account information and password confidentiality. The app’s built-in Security Manager offers real-time protection and conducts scheduled virus scans to ensure data security.

Price and availability
The company is offering a limited 35% off on the products.

Here are details:


Limited 35% off








DXP4800 Plus



DXP6800 Pro



DXP8800 Plus



DXP480T Plus




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