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HighPoint PCIe Gen5 x16 NVMe Switch and RAID AIC/Adapter Series Powered by Broadcom’s PEX89048

Including NVMe switch series Rocket 1628A, Rocket 1608A and Rocket 1528D, and NVMe RAID series Rocket 7628A, Rocket 7608A and Rocket 7528D

HighPoint, Inc. has unveiled the 1st 8-Channel PCIe Gen5 x16 NVMe Switch and NVMe RAID product lines powered by Broadcom, Inc.’s PEX89048 IC.

Highpoint R1628a Front V1 01 24 3 26

Designed to accommodate most demanding, data-intensive applications, RocketRAID 7600 and Rocket 1600 NVMe switch and RAID AIC/Adapter series incorporate Broadcom’s Gen5 PCIe Switching technology to utilize x16 lanes of Gen5 host bandwidth, direct from the CPU, across all Intel and AMD desktop, workstation and server platforms. This architecture enables each AIC/Adapter to maximize transfer performance for up to 8 independent device channels, and support as many as 32 NVMe devices via backplane connectivity.

While HighPoint Gen5 NVMe solutions are capable of delivering up to 64GB/s of bandwidth from via single PCIe slot, their value and utility extend far beyond raw storage performance. The advanced NVMe AIC and Adapter solutions are empowered by an array of new DC and server grade management and pro-active monitoring features designed to extend the lifespan of hosted NVMe storage media, maintain optimal data transfer rates, and enhance the overall efficiency of server and datacenter operations.

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Highpoint Gen5 X16 Scheme

48 lanes of dedicated PCIe Gen5 bandwidth
The company’s PCIe Gen5 NVMe AICs high-performance switching architecture integrates Broadcom’s 48-Channel PEX89048 switch IC to provide x16 lanes of dedicated PCIe Gen5 upstream bandwidth, and ensures x4 lanes of downstream bandwidth are available for each NVMe device channel. The hardware architecture enables the firm’s Gen5 NVMe product series to deliver up to 64GB/s of transfer bandwidth, minimize latency, facilitate consistent, robust I/O throughput, and support as many as 32 NVMe devices via backplane connectivity.

The company’s PCIe Gen5 and Gen4 switching architecture employs a technique known as a ‘Synthetic Hierarchy’ to isolate the host system’s OS from any PCIe topology changes (physical changes). This enables the AIC/Adapter to directly manage resource allocation to the downstream PCIe channels and provide true Hot-Swap /Hot-Plug capability by facilitating a more efficient interaction between the host CPU and PCIe switch.

Engineered to enhance the efficiency and serviceability of datacenter and server applications
The firm’s PCIe Gen5 NVMe AICs/adapters are engineered to address the demands of datacenters and edge server platforms, and incorporate a range of features designed to enhance the efficiency of day-to-day operations, and streamline maintenance and service workflows.

First and foremost, the Gen5 NVMe AIC’s have been built to the highest standards of quality reliability, and are compliant with PCIe Card Electromechanical (CEM) specifications. The PCB benefits from high heat resistance and superior electrical characteristics, which are essential for a high-performance NVMe solution. In addition, the AICs/adapters are compliant with the LP-MD2 (Low-Profile) specs, and can be easily integrated into any industry standard PC-based computing platform. 

Rocket 1600 and 7600 series AICs/adapters are field replaceable units (FRU); the VPD stored on each controller enables customers and 3rd party service providers to procure replacements with the correct firmware/driver combination.

Rocket 1628A

Highpoint Rocket 1628a 2

Importantly, all Rocket 1600 and 7600 series AICS feature OOB (out-of-band) management capability; an essential component of datacenter server infrastructure. BMC and MCTP over PCIe enables administrators and service technicians to securely interface with the NVMe AIC without the need for internet access. The service is scalable and can be used to administrate multiple servers via Linux command prompts to manage storage in both Pre-OS and OS-level environments.

Rocket 1608A

Highpoint Rocket 1608a 2

Rocket 1600 PCIe Gen5 NVMe switch series AICs and adapters
They provide enterprise-class NVMe storage connectivity and administrative capability and are suitable for use with a range of industry-standard x86 server and workstation platforms. These versatile, high-performance AICs and Adapters are equipped with firm’s PCIE Gen5 Switch Architecture and are capable of directly supporting up to 8 M.2, U.2/U.3 or E3.S SSDs, or as many as 32 NVMe devices via backplane connectivity. 

NVMe media hosted by Rocket 1600 Switch AIC/Adapters will be automatically recognized by any OS platform with Native NVMe driver support. This makes them for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance critical workflows with flexible, robust and managed Gen5 NVMe storage performance.

Rocket 7628A

Highpoint Rocket 7628a 2

Rocket 7600 PCIe Gen5 NVMe RAID series AICs and adapters
They are engineered to enhance the capabilities of Linux and Windows-based Edge server and high-end workstation platforms. Built on the foundation of Rocket 1600 Switch series product lines, each RAID AICs/Adapter is armed with industry proven RAID technology and a storage health monitoring and management suite designed to maximize the performance, reliability and serviceability of NVMe arrays.

Rocket 7600 Series AICs/Adapters can directly support up to 8 M.2 or U.2/U.3/E3.S NVMe SSDs, and are for professional and industrial workflows that require uncompromised storage performance with the flexibility of proven RAID technology and enhanced SED data protection. 

Shipping and availability
The company’s PCIe Gen5 NVMe AICs will begin shipping in 3Q24, and will be available WW, direct from the firm’s webstore and authorized global resale and distribution partners.

NVMe Switch Series 

Rocket 1628A

Highpoint Rocket 1628a 1Rocket 1628A – PCIe Gen5 x16 to 4-MCIOx8 NVMe Switch adapter

Rocket 1608A

Highpoint Rocket 1608a 1
Rocket 1608A – PCIe Gen5 x16 to 8-M.2×4 NVMe Switch AIC
• Rocket 1528D – PCIe Gen4 x16 to 4-SlimSASx8 NVMe Switch

NVMe RAID Series 

Rocket 7628A

Highpoint Rocket 7628a 1Rocket 7628A – PCIe Gen5 x16 to 4-MCIOx8 NVMe RAID adapter

Rocket 7608A

Highpoint Rocket 7608a 1Rocket 7608A – PCIe Gen5 x16 to 8-M.2×4 NVMe RAID AIC
• Rocket 7528D – PCIe Gen4 x16 to 4-SlimSASx8 NVMe RAID

HighPoint’s Gen5 Product Lines   
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