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Flexxon FxAdv II microSD Flash Cards Received Raspberry Pi 4 Certification

$25 (32GB) to $80 (256GB), surpassing 3,500 IO/s and performance exceeding 1,500 IO/s random RW

Flexxon Pte. Ltd. received Raspberry Pi 4 certification for its FxAdv II range of microSD flash cards and has been added to its Approved Vendor List (AVL).

Flexxon Raspberry Pi Memory Cards

Available, the FxAdv II ensures reliable and secure storage engineered for rapid transfers with industrial-grade reliability and secure usage.

The card is tailored to function with Raspberry Pi projects, ensuring plug-and-play compatibility and optimal performance within the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. Facilitating high IO/s and power loss protection, the cards are compatible with embedded applications, enhancing the overall Raspberry Pi experience.

Camellia Chan, CEO and co-founder, Flexxon said: “Certification from Raspberry Pi echoes our long-standing commitment to developing a diverse range of highly effective storage solutions anchored on the principles of reliability, performance, and ease of use. We are pleased to be able to bring this product to market to support the unique memory storage needs of our users worldwide. I’d also like to express my appreciation to our partner BCD Atlantik for the smooth facilitation of the certification process.

Excelling in rigorous test conditions
Subjected to over 19,700 power outages and running continuously for an average of 3.5ms, all capacity variations in the FxAdv II range were deemed as up to standard for use with Raspberry Pi computers.

The tests also involved loading each card with a custom image containing an up-to-date image, automated stress test scripts and a local website to be accessed using Google Puppeteer automation.

Reliability, useability, and performance
The FxAdv II MicroSD cards deliver random performance for small data writes, ensuring efficient handling of scattered data. With random read performance surpassing 3,500 IO/s and random write performance exceeding 1,500 IO/s, the cards exceed Raspberry Pi’s stringent requirements of 2,000 and 500 IO/s respectively. This optimization enhances overall system efficiency, user experience, and data reliability, making the FxAdv II for demanding industrial applications.

Designed for a range of applications, the cards can also be effectively deployed in a range of industrial applications, including process automation, monitoring and control systems, edge computing, and embedded IoT solutions, while ensuring performance and reliability in challenging environments.

Available in capacities from 32 to 256GB and priced between $25 to $80 (*), the Raspberry Pi-certified MicroSD range can be purchased online through the company’s eStore and BCD Atlantik, as well as through authorised distributors WW (list of partners).

Flexxon Memory Card Microsd Raspberry Pi

Flexxon Fxadv Ii Cards Spectabl

(*) Prices are accurate at time of publishing, may be subject to change.