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Backblaze Joins Trusted Partner Network

Security initiative to advance trust and best practices as media workflows move to cloud

Backblaze, Inc. joined the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), a security initiative wholly-owned by the Motion Picture Association, Inc. (MPA).

Backblaze Joins Trusted Partner Network

The move demonstrates Backblaze’s commitment to upholding TPN standards and content security best practices, and to serving the enterprise-grade security needs of M&E companies.

Content workflows are evolving due to accelerating technology advancements, increasingly distributed production and post-production teams, expanded channels for streaming live and on demand, and more. This new production era is driving IT teams to adopt an expanding tool-set, along with all the questions of trust, cost, and security that come with new tools and third party providers.

From ransomware attacks to embarrassing leaks, media companies are high profile targets for a variety of cybercrime threats. Protecting IP is mission critical, but being able to vet and adopt affordable, secure solutions without slowing down work has become a major challenge.

We were interested in Backblaze as a storage tier for our customers’ data because they can deliver the performance we need without the restrictions and high prices of the other providers,” said Ray Panahon, SVP technology, Blu Digital Group, Inc.Their joining TPN gave us the confidence and trust in their security stance we needed to make a long term commitment.

The TPN provides content creators and service provider partners with standardized methods to share critical security status specific to the industry. To achieve Blue Shield status, members submit self-assessments of their security posture which interested companies can then review when assessing their product or service. Backblaze’s membership demonstrates its ongoing commitment to rigorous and robust information security measures and providing content creators with secure content exchange.

Backblaze is committed to standards-based information security controls across all of our products and solutions, as our SOC 2 Type 2 attestation supports,” said Mark Potter, chief information security officer, Backblaze. “We’re pleased to make it easier for IT and cybersecurity professionals in the M&E industry to assess our security practices and make informed decisions about organizational, business process, and technical safeguards designed to protect their content.

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