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Availability of Kalray Turbocard4 Card for Compute Acceleration on Smart Vision and Gen-AI Data-indexing Applications

Powered by 4 of firm’s latest-gen of DPU processors, and TC4 manufactured in France by Asteelflash

Kalray, Inc. announces the commercial availability of its the TURBOCARD4 (TC4) acceleration card.

Kalray Turbocard4 Card

Powered by 4 of its latest-gen of DPU processors, the TC4 targets the growing markets of AI-powered smart vision and data-indexing applications. It is manufactured in France, in the French plant of Asteelflash, one of a global manufacturers WW. The company already received an initial order of more than $1 million (hundreds of cards) to be recognized this year.

TC4 targets fast growing compute acceleration card market
Whereas enterprises and data centers have to process growing amount of data, compute acceleration cards are getting more and more traction to bring the best performance and best power efficiency in data processing.

The availability of our new TC4 acceleration card is a major step for Kalray to set the stage for the widespread adoption of our latest acceleration technology. The TC4 has already been selected by one of our major customers and we envision a fast commercial take-off due to the ever-increasing demand in data processing acceleration solutions”, shares Eric Baissus, CEO. In addition, we are very proud to announce that the TC4 is our first “made in France” product. The production is ramping up rapidly in the plant of the leading global manufacturer AsteelFlash in Langon”.

Built to combine AI and classical computing
TC4 embodies
the company’s vision in addressing the intricate demands of modern computing workloads. Housing 4 of the latest-gen of the firm’s DPUs, Coolidge2, in a single PCIe card, the TC4 is designed to ensure customers can merge classical and AI-based processing technologies and create superior, efficiency-driven systems for the most processing-intensive AI applications. DPUs offer a complementary architecture to GPUs, allowing for the processing of a large number of different operations in parallel in an asynchronous way. DPUs are for pre-processing data that is later used by GPUs or in the context of complex intelligent systems running many different algorithms in parallel.

Two fast growing markets targetted: Smart vision market…
TC4 is strategically targeted at
2 rapidly growing markets. The first one is the Smart Vision market. Smart vision applications play a pivotal role in transformative sectors such as industrial, health science, or smart city operations due to their ability to analyze visual data in real-time, make intelligent decisions, and automate complex processes. The smart vision market size was valued at $20.31 billion in 2023 which is forecasted to reach $175.72 billion by 2032, a CAGR of 27.3% (Fortune Business Insights). These projections highlight the increasing demand of smart vision technologies across various industries, driven by advancements in AI and ML, and their application in automation, quality control, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

And data-indexing for Gen-AI market
In the context of Generative AI, data indexing is crucial for several reasons. GenAI models, such as those used in natural language processing or image generation, often need to access enormous datasets. Efficient indexing minimizes the time required to fetch the relevant data, making the training and inference processes faster.

In addition, as GenAI models become more complex, the datasets they train on grow exponentially. Data indexing allows these models to scale more effectively by ensuring that the increase in data volume does not linearly increase access times.

Data-Indexing also improves models’ outputs accuracy as indexing helps quickly identify the most relevant data pieces to insert in model context and prompt. This ensures that the model’s outputs are as accurate and contextually appropriate as possible.

TC4 production has been re-located to Asteelflash French plant
The company‘s commitment to quality and desire to re-locate its production to Europe led to the alliance with Asteelflash for TC4 production. Asteelflash is one of the global electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies, specializing in complex and high-tech manufacturing solutions across various industries. It has several plants in Europe, including Germany and France. The TC4 production is performed in the Langon, France plant. This partnership has been supported by the French government as part of the CARAIBE funded project.

The production volume is expected to grow from a few hundreds/month to several thousands of units/month, starting in 2025.