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Embedded World: Greenliant Showcasing eMMC and NVMe NANDrive BGA SSDs

Including PX/VX Series NVMe and eMMC NANDrive BGA SSD, industrial enterprise SSDs, ArmourDrive SSDs, and ArmourDrive memory cards

Greenliant Systems, Inc. will highlight its new high endurance EX Series and budget friendly PX / VX Series NVMe and eMMC NANDrive ball grid array (BGA) SSDs for aerospace, defense, industrial and transportation applications at embedded world 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, April 9-11.

Nandrive Sata 2.5 M.2 2242 2280 Cfast Armourdrive Ex

Designed using the company’s EnduroSLC technology, eMMC and NVMe NANDrive EX Series offer superior data retention and high endurance of 75,000, 150,000 or 400,000 program-erase (P/E) cycles. Operating between -40+C and +85°C, NANDrive EX Series SSDs are for write intensive workloads and high stress environments. Built for price sensitive applications with high quality TLC NAND, eMMC NANDrive VX Series supports temperatures  from -25°C to +85°C and offers endurance of 3,000 P/E cycles. The NVMe NANDrive PX Series supports industrial temperatures (-40°C to +95°C) and provides endurance of 5,000 P/E cycles.

In addition to BGA SSDs, firm’s solid state storage product portfolio includes:

  • Industrial enterprise SSDs: High capacity 6Gb SATA 2.5” and NVMe PCIe Gen3 U.2, 800GB to 7.68TB, endurance from two to unrestricted drive writes per day (DWPD) for 5 years

  • ArmourDrive SSDs: SATA and NVMe, multiple form factors (mSATA, M.2 2230 / 2242 / 2280, 2.5”), 10GB to 3.84TB, wide range of endurance options

  • ArmourDrive memory cards: SD/microSD, 8 to 256GB, endurance up to 30,000 P/E cycles

  • NANDrive SSDs: BGA form factor, multiple interfaces (eMMC, NVMe PATA, SATA), 1GB to 512GB, endurance from 3,000 to 400,000 P/E cycles