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Phison Collaborates with MediaTek

To propel generative AI computing and services

Phison Electronics Corp. announced a collaboration with MediaTek, Inc. to push forward innovations in generative AI (Generative AI) computing and services, and meet demand for fine-tuning AI model computations across industries.

Phison Collaborates With Mediatek

Under the collaboration, Phison’s AI computing service, aiDAPTIV+, will pair with MediaTek’s premier generative AI service platform, MediaTek DaVinci, heralding a new epoch for AI computing and application services and accelerating the adoption of generative AI in everyday life.

MediaTek DaVinci is an open platform for generative AI services, built on the Generative AI Service Framework (GAISF). It enables developers to build a variety of plug-ins for enterprise applications, fostering a vibrant ecosystem and enhancing the user experience.

Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ features a pioneering SSD-integrated AI computing architecture that breaks down large AI models for concurrent operation with SSDs. This approach reduces infrastructure costs and boosts computational efficiency, enabling the training of substantial AI models with limited GPU and DRAM resources. aiDAPTIV+ has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the Industry 4.0 sector and is poised to accelerate AI transformation across various sectors, bolstering business competitiveness. Additionally, it consumes less power than traditional AI server setups for the same AI model fine-tuning tasks and this aligns with the current trend of minimizing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

aiDAPTIV+ has showcased its significance in industrial application in the world’s first mass-produced AOI optical inspection system with integrated SSD co-processing. Also, it has elevated the recognition accuracy of Taiwanese AI for professor Yuan-Fu Liao at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Phison’s synergy with MediaTek DaVinci will broaden the reach of aiDAPTIV+ technology, injecting new momentum into the AI service market by delivering user experiences and fostering a broader landscape for innovation for developers.

aiDAPTIV+ is set to revolutionize AI model fine-tuning, and MediaTek DaVinci has already made significant strides in AI services,” said Dr. Wei Lin, CTO, Phison. “Together, we aim to swiftly integrate AI into everyday life and create greater value for our clients.

Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ enhances our platform with unparalleled edge computing power and creates new prospects for our users and developers,” said Jason Yeh, assistant GM of AI and data engineering division, MediaTek. “With this collaboration, we look forward to establishing a profound impact on the entire industry and creating a smarter future together.

The collaboration between Phison and MediaTek promises:

  • An innovative AI computing architecture: aiDAPTIV+’s model decomposition and SSD co-processing enable training of larger AI models.
  • Enhanced cost-efficiency: It is expected to lower AI service hardware costs, broadening and economizing AI technology applications.
  • Enhanced scalability of the MediaTek DaVinci platform capabilities: Combination with aiDAPTIV+ offers developers more opportunities to develop diverse, customized plug-ins and assistants for various applications.
  • Swift deployment of edge AI applications: aiDAPTIV+’s model decomposition allows for rapid adaptation to various application needs.
  • Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) – aligned solutions: aiDAPTIV+ reduces the power needed for AI model fine-tuning, lessening energy consumption and carbon footprint, in step with environmental trends.

Moreover, the collaboration equips AI server providers with a on-premise software and hardware solution, enhancing the competitiveness of AI server products and providing the client slide with all-in-one AI services.

The 2 partners believe that their collaboration will bring a competitive edge to AI server providers, expedite the adoption of AI technology, and create added value for end-users that builds an intelligent future with AI everywhere.