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Hydrolix Assigned Patent

Efficient and scalable time-series storage and retrieval over network

Hydrolix Inc., Portland, OR, has been assigned a patent (11907294) developed by Alayli; Hasan, San Francisco, CA, for efficient and scalable time-series data storage and retrieval over a network.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “Time-series columnar-based information is received and indexed in a compute infrastructure for cost-effective cloud-based object storage. The approach leverages a file format that enables highly-performant search and retrieval of the data stored in the cloud. In operation, an indexer receives the time-series information, indexes that information according to the file format, and forwards the indexed information for storage to the object store, where it is stored as a set of time-based partitions. A partition comprises a set of files, namely, a manifest file, a data file, and an index file. These files are structured as a compact instance of a set of raw unstructured data that comprises the given partition. Highly-performant information retrieval is enabled in response to a time-bounded query, because operations at a query peer (with respect to one or more partitions) are carried out in real-time during query processing and without requiring retrieval of the data file as a whole.

The patent application was filed on 2022-03-22 (17/700890).