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Embedded World: Swissbit Memory Cards Featuring CmReady, License Protection on Board

Certified CmReady by Wibu-Systems AG, enabling integration of CodeMeter technology for software protection and license management

The PS-66(u) DP SD and microSD cards from Swissbit AG are distinguished by their robustness and industrial suitability and also offer a special feature: they are certified CmReady by Wibu-Systems AG, enabling the integration of CodeMeter technology for software protection and license management. Swissbit Cmready CardsThe use of the new company’s memory cards as additional license containers within the CodeMeter ecosystem offers an effective and cost-efficient way for developers of embedded and IoT devices to protect their software and monetize their licenses.

License protection without additional hardware
With CodeMeter Ready (CmReady ), Wibu-Systems offers a solution that combines high-quality hardware security with the flexibility of software-based licenses. By implementing CmReady into the PS-66(u) DP series from Swissbit, the SD and microSD memory cards can take on software protection and licensing functions. The technology uses the cards’ hardware-unique ID (UID) in conjunction with secure, monotonically increasing counters to prevent replay attacks while also offering easy handling through their integration into the CodeMeter license management system from Wibu-Systems.

Easy commissioning
Handling the firm’s PS-66(u) DP cards is straightforward. Customers can download a free plug-in from the company’s website to use the CmReady functionality and automate the commissioning process. The cards integrate into existing CodeMeter environments, allowing users to utilize the familiar license management tools and processes without needing to make any additional adjustments. The PS-66(u) series with CmReady supports CodeMeter Runtime as of version 8.0 and CodeMeter Embedded as of version 3.00.

Technical data
The PS-66(u) DP cards, which are available in capacities of 16, 32, and 64GB, support the SDHC standard as well as high-speed modes according to the SD 6.10 spec. The company offers the cards in 2 editions: ‘Endurance’ and ’Longevity’. All cards are designed for use in temperatures ranging from –40°C to 85°C, underlining their suitability for industrial applications.

Demo at Embedded World
Together with Wibu-Systems, the company will be demonstrating the CmReady functionality at the Embedded World trade fair on April 9-11 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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