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Recent Updates for NovaBACKUP V.21 Software

With new backup engine, previously available for backing up to cloud, is now available for backup to local storage devices, such as disk, NAS, or RDX.

NovaBACKUP Europe GmbH announced the udapted version of its backup software with the availability of the version 21.0.

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With a focus on SMBs and service providers supporting small and mid-sized companies, the software strives to create a simple yet reliable backup solution that aligns with the most common compliance requirements. With the latest release, multiple enhancements from the last months are now coming together to build a cohesive, easy-to-use backup solution that focuses on one thing: getting your data back in case of any data loss scenario.

Fast local and cloud backup is always included. Setting up backup storage devices and backup jobs is easier. Run your backups more often without jeopardizing the performance of your network so you have all your latest data in case you need to restore it.

New, faster backup engine for local backups
With this release, firm’s new backup engine, previously available for backing up to the cloud, is now available for backup to local storage devices, such as disk, NAS, or RDX.

The backup engine uses the latest streaming technologies and compression algorithms, allowing users to increase the number of backup jobs that can be run at a faster speed, reducing gaps between backups and speeding up restore times for minimal disruption to productivity.

Beta testers have seen 36% (and more) faster first full backups while easily handling terabytes of data. 

Streamlined backup jobs
Take the guesswork out of defining your backup jobs and backup retention structure and set up your backup strategy without the need for a Ph.D.

NovaBACKUP always uses an incremental forever backup scheme. This means that you only need to set up a single backup job to schedule your initial full and ongoing incremental backups. The retention period is set to 30 days by default and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

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Incremental backups only transfer the changes made to a file since the last backup. To improve the reliability of incremental backups, NovaBACKUP no longer relies on the archive bit of a file or folder to determine what needs to be backed up. Instead, it looks at the attributes of the objects that have changed, such as the date of the last update or size of the file, and compares them to what has already been backed up. As an additional failsafe, it is still able to restore a file or folder even if one of the incremental backups is damaged.

Reliable backups on rotational media
To ensure that each storage device of your rotating media, such as removable USB drives or RDX, can retain the backup data and restore a complete set of files, the software writes a full version of the backup to each media. Subsequent backups will contain only the data that has changed since the last backup to that device.

Cloud always included
Any good backup practice will tell you that you should back up your business-critical data to more than one location. This ensures that no matter what type of data loss scenario you face, you can get your data back.

  • An accidentally deleted file: The local backup has it.

  • Ransomware attack: The securely encrypted cloud backup can restore your files and folders.

  • Something happens at the office and you can’t access it: You can access your cloud backup from anywhere.

You don’t have to worry about sourcing different vendors, integrating them, or playing tag with their support teams because with NovaBACKUP you simply combine local and cloud backup. With everything in one place, you can easily set up your multiple backups and still have flexibility when it comes to choosing your backup storage.

Flexible restore view
NovaBACKUP’s updated Restore View displays all past backups by device, sorted by job name. When drilling down to the desired restore point, the Restore View highlights everything that is available in a folder, for example, across all existing backup jobs, allowing users to restore everything from a single view instead of restoring each full and incremental backup individually.

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Add local and cloud storage devices across jobs
Set up your backup storage devices in one place by selecting from local and cloud backup locations, including their credentials and encryption level, to be available for each of your backup jobs, rather than defining them multiple times per backup job.

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Removed features
End of support for single tape drives (LTO).

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