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NAB Show: OpenDrives SDS Platform and Business Strategy

Enable content creators, broadcasters, sports organizations, and technologists to benefit from efficient, agile, and high-performance data management.

OpenDrives, Inc. will unveil its new Atlas platform and business model at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV (booth SL8125).

Opendrives Atlas F1

Atlas represents the next gen of storage, providing efficiency, performance and scalability on a SDS platform that leverages an ecosystem of 3rd-party hardware, enabling users to configure according to creative workflow and work collaboratively at impressive speeds.

OpenDrives’ CEO Izhar Sharon highlights the transformative aspect of their new business model, which shifts from traditional storage system sizing to a workflow-centric perspective: “We are moving away from a one-size-fits-all mindset that blankets the market and are ushering in a new era of workflow-configured storage solutions that truly puts the needs of creative professionals and their workflows at the forefront. In the process, we’re opening up access to businesses of all sizes, budgets and needs to our award-winning, enterprise-scale storage platform designed to power through resource-intensive workflows.

Atlas Platform F2

The Atlas SDS platform launch marks a progression for content creators, broadcasters, sports organizations and technologists. It enables efficient, agile and high-performance data management configured to unique creative workflows rather than traditional predetermined hardware/software packages.

Sharon adds: “The new Atlas offers customers an industry-first elastic storage model. As business requirements evolve, OpenDrives lets Atlas customers adjust their capabilities based on their creative workflow requirements. It is a painless, straightforward process for upgrading or downgrading, designed to be as simple as obtaining a new license key. It’s a new, more sustainable approach that will shift how the industry invests in infrastructure.”

The new platform underscores the freedom that customers need to build and alter their on-premise, cloud or hybrid storage solutions based on actual workflow demands. It marks a shift from conventional storage investment strategies that do not take into account the ebbs and flows that are associated with project-based work.

Best In Industry Performance
Atlas offers a performant, cost-efficient platform pre-tuned for content creation, automating internal data management and removing technological barriers to creativity. It is a standout for its interoperability and interconnectivity of applications, data and end-users. This is made possible through company’ laser-focused development on the core engine, in-demand containerization, REST API and automation. Its design optimizes the performance of third-party hardware and also ensures long-term ROI by continuously delivering new features and functions without additional charges.

Commitment to Data Movement and Sustainability
In addition to breaking down barriers to access, the firm has committed to a mission of empowering innovators with unimpeded and unlimited access to content and data. With 11 awarded patents and numerous industry accolades, the company is redefining the possibilities in content production workflows with Atlas.

Embracing sustainability, Atlas focuses on only consuming what is necessary in terms of power and compute. By offering the ability to rightsize the software footprint, the firm provides an alternative to unnecessary consumption and assists businesses in remaining profitable by providing a high-performance product tailored to the customer’s workflow and reducing capital expenditures.