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Synology Surveillance Station + Plate Recognizer

Expands commercial possibilities.

Synology, Inc. announced that Surveillance Station will support automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) in collaboration with Plate Recognizer.

Synology Surveillance Station Plate Recognizer F1

This partnership provides added capabilities that Synology NAS and AI-enhanced NVRs bring to a variety of deployment needs, such as those in commercial property management, transport infrastructure monitoring, and more.

ALPR capabilities are game-changers for video surveillance,” said Nini Hsieh, product manager for video surveillance. “Synology’s Surveillance Station plus Plate Recognizer combines 2 powerful systems into a comprehensive but easy-to-use solution.”

Synology Surveillance Station Plate Recognizer F2


Customers of Synology and Plate Recognizer gain automated footage labeling capabilities, allowing efficient post-event reviews. The advanced detection capabilities offered by Plate Recognizer is able to tackle a variety of license plates, even under challenging lighting or extreme camera angles. Combined with Surveillance Station’s scalable recording, archiving, and multi-site management capabilities, customers gain real-time vehicle identification and assurance of footage for post-incident analysis.

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