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SevenRooms Acquires Vast Data in $10 Billion Deal

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Nobody have seen the recent Cohesity deal with Veritas Technologies unveiled a few weeks ago but this one is big, a real surprise for the storage industry.

Founded in 2011, SevenRooms, an online hospitality platform, acquires Vast Data for a deal evaluated at $10 billion, above the last valuation reached with the most recent VC round.

It seems that the synergy around the concept of data platform makes sense, at least in New York.

We let you navigate on both websites and check the 2 images below. You also can realize the logo joke with the 2 tabs of their web sites. Crazy right? A triangle, black, with same orientation, cut as well and with same colors…

And to conclude, we’re April 1st, so this story is completely invented but Vast Data marketing team and communications partners should have had the good idea to pay attention to the SevenRooms logo when they launched the company. As the 2 companies are based in New York, we expect a change soon from one of these 2 players. They will be able to book a table with SevenRooms somewhere to speak about this logo convergence… What a joke.


For newspapers in some countries, it's a tradition to invent crazy news on April. This news, dated April 1, has been totally invented by StorageNewsletter.com.

It's a joke. It didn't happen.