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Raidon HiU2300P HBA Dual Hot-Swappable M.2 NVMe SSD Storage with 80Gb/s Bandwidth

Adapter is compatible with M.2 NVMe SSDs and integrated into iU2300-U6P3 NVMe chassis for hot-swapping, as central processing unit of system and contains PCIe Gen-3 X8 switches.

Raidon Technology, Inc. announced the HiU2300P HBA dual hot-swappable M.2 NVMe SSD storage with 80Gb/s bandwidth.

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The device serves as the central processing unit of the system and contains PCIe Gen-3 X8 switches.

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It can transmit data at up to 80Gb/s, far exceeding traditional communication rates. In addition, it supports 2x40Gb/s connections, increasing data transfer rates. Customized for future needs, the adapter is compatible with M.2 NVMe SSDs and integrated into the iU2300-U6P3 NVMe chassis for hot-swapping. This feature allows for drive replacement without disrupting system operations, ensuring continued access to data and maintaining system efficiency.

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The HBA elevates user storage solutions to new heights with the HiU2300P – a fusion of velocity and inviolability.

Key features:

  • Supports the complete solution that Includes the company’s PC05-U6P3P-I HBA adapter, bridging the gap between M.2 NVMe SSDs and the iU2300-U6P3 NVMe enclosure.
    Supports the PC05-U6P3P-I HBA card comes equipped with
    2 mini SAS (SFF-8643) connectors.

  • iU2300-U6P3’s design mirrors a standard CD-ROM drive for system integration.

  • Accommodates 2xM.2 NVMe SSDs of all standard sizes, including 2280, 2260, and 2242.

  • Both PC05-U6P3P-I HBA and iU2300-U6P3 are equipped with a high-speed mini SAS (SFF-8643) connectors.

  • Compatible with both PCIe Gen 3 and Gen 4 interfaces for rapid data transfer.

  • Supports for JBOD Mode, offers a range of application options to cater to diverse storage needs.

  • Includes 2 disk trays with hot-swappable support.

  • Simplifies the plug-and-play process, ensuring a sturdy and reliable connection.

  • Key lock tray design guarantees the protection for the disks

  • 2 silent fans ensuring optimal cooling and promoting extended lifespan for M.2 NVMe SSDs.

  • Metal shell design aids in heat dispersion to extending the lifespan of the SSDs.

  • iU2300-U6P3 is expertly engineered to flawlessly integrate with both 9.5mm U.2 SSDs and the firm’s UBOX mini disk tray.

  • Has mounting screws ensure that user M.2 NVMe SSD or U.2 SSD remains firmly in place, eliminating any risk of dislodgement.

  • UBOX mini comes with an ultra-soft thermal silicone pad, ensuring efficient heat dispersion to maintaining optimal M.2 NVMe SSD performance.

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The HIU2300 is for range of storage application, and it is integrating dual M.2 NVMe and U.2 SSD interfaces within a JBOD architecture, each channel capable of achieving 40Gb/s throughput, stands as an adaptable storage solution for diverse industry sectors and application scenarios. Considering its robust features and capabilities, the HIU 2300P can be used in the the several applications such as, enterprise data centers, HPC systems, IPC applications, AI applications, media servers, virtualization environments and cloud storage services.

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