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NAB Show: Perifery and Amove Partner

To enhance remote production collaboration and storage management

Perifery, a division of DataCore Software Corporation, and Amove announced their partnership to simplify video production collaboration and storage management from any location.

The integration enables instant access to users’ digital assets stored on Perifery’s Object Matrix via the Amove desktop application.

Our partnership with Amove empowers customers with seamless, non-proprietary access to their content,” commented Peter Watling, sales director, Perifery. “Perifery’s solutions are built to enable the efficient management of media assets, and by integrating with Amove’s storage-agnostic tools, we are able to extend the capabilities of workflows further. It’s great to have this relationship with a vendor who is so strongly aligned with our own goals.

Perifery’s Object Matrix is a media-focused object storage platform designed to enhance media workflow capabilities with features including self-serve access to content, robust security measurements, and enhanced metadata and business rules support. Implemented as a stand-alone or as a part of a unified storage platform, It delivers financial and operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, and multiple media-based workflows, providing secure access to all archive content from anywhere, at any time.

Amove takes an agnostic approach as a single source for all cloud storage and file management, supporting any size team collaboration. Designed to integrate with any storage endpoint, it allows users to instantly access their cloud buckets and large files from any location with no system lock-in, directly from the desktop. Features include remote video production collaboration, instant local access to any cloud storage, unlimited drives and backups, file/bucket de-dupe, file sharing, constant syncing across clouds and devices, and robust, fast cloud-to-cloud migrations.

Patrick Kennedy, CEO, Amove, says: “With continued exponential content growth in video production and remote media workflows, having the most intuitive, flexible, and powerful tools to efficiently manage storage and files is critical. Both Amove and Object Matrix technologies focus on ecosystem, simplicity, performance, and cost-efficiency. We’re pleased to be working with Perifery to offer this integration to data-conscious organizations and innovative remote teams.

Perifery will be exhibiting at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, on April 14-17.

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