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55th Edition of The IT Press Tour in Rome, Italy

With 6 companies: Ctera, Fujifilm, Know & Decide, Leil Storage, QStar Technologies and Quickwit

The IT Press Tour, a media event launched in June 2010, announced participating companies for the 55th edition organized April 9-10 in Rome, Italy.

During this edition dedicated to IT infrastructure, cloud, networking, data management and storage, 6 companies will be met and visited, among them Ctera, Fujifilm, Know & Decide, Leil Storage, QStar Technologies and Quickwit.

“We’re moving fast with the 3rd edition for 2024 and globally the 55th edition, illustrating the unique position of The IT Press Tour in the industry for vendors and press. Rome is an amazing and fabulous city and we’re glad to meet these 6 companies there, 4 are completely new for the tour and we already met a few times the 2 others. This edition also means that we’ll beat new records with 303 distinct companies, representing 533 sessions, since we launched the tour in 2010”, said Philippe Nicolas, creator of The IT Press Tour.

Quotes from some participating companies:

  • Oded Nagel, CEO, Ctera
    “2023 marked a record-breaking year for Ctera, with award-winning enhancements to our enterprise file services platform, emphasizing cyber resiliency and compliance. We’re eager to engage with esteemed IT journalists during the IT Press Tour, where we’ll discuss our vision for secure file access from the edge to any cloud, and the role of AI in its evolution.”

  • Peter Struik, EVP, Fujifilm Europe
    “With the amount of data increasing at an exponential rate, the demand for data archiving is higher than ever. Tape and tape-based services are reliable, energy efficient and sustainable, making them the key solutions for long-term data archiving. It is our strong conviction that there can’t be a sustainable storage solution if tape is not included. We look forward to meeting a renowned group of international journalists at the upcoming IT Press Tour to present our latest plug and play long-term data archiving solution, the Fujifilm Kangaroo, which includes the open-source based Fujifilm Object Archive software, and to share with them our conviction why tape is the future.”

  • Emmanuel Moreau, CEO, Know & Decide
    “We are very excited to participate to the coming IT Press Tour with this distinguished group of international journalists. We’ll introduce our IT asset management solution that provides a global, reliable and exhaustive vision of what and how are used IT resources. Being fully agnostic, our approach is horizontal and fits in all IT environments wishing to view, control, rationalize and reduce escalating IT costs.”

  • Aleksandr Ragel, CEO, Leil Storage
    “Leil Storage is excited to share that we will be joining the upcoming IT Press Tour. Our focus will be on presenting Leil Storage products, including open-source distributed file system SaunaFS. We’ll also delve into the latest developments within the Leil Storage ecosystem, our strategies for SMR drives and what was formerly known as MAID. Additionally, we’ll share experiences and practical example what we do to create a truly sustainable and green large-scale data storage.”

  • Riccardo Finotti, CEO, QStar Technologies
    “After 37 years, QStar continues its track record of success, as archiving at scale becomes increasingly important in today’s storage industry. QStar’s leading active archive gateway solutions now support multi-node architecture using global namespace to support massive tape libraries used in HPC and AI/ML environments. QStar also recently added a new technology partner, Hammerspace, to our long-term partner list including Cohesity, Rubrik and HYCU, and continues to build strong reseller relationships around the world. We look forward to sharing our latest developments at the April 2024 IT Press Tour in Rome.”