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NHK Spring Assigned Patent

HDD suspension including damper material attached to load beam and to outrigger of flexure

NHK Spring Co., Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan, has been assigned a patent (11900973) developed by Nakayama, Hiroshi, Hanya, Masao, and Nishida, Tatsuhiko, Yokohama, Japan, for a disk drive suspension including a damper material attached to a load beam and to an outrigger of a flexure.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “According to an embodiment, a disk drive suspension includes a load beam, a flexure including a tongue on which a slider is mounted and an outrigger connected to the tongue, and overlapping the load beam, and a damper material attached to the load beam and the outrigger. Further, the damper material has a single-layer structure of a viscoelastic material.

The patent application was filed on 2022-12-19 (18/083791).