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Nakivo Agent-Based Backup and Recovery for Proxmox VM Data

Extending list of supported virtualisation platforms like VMware, Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV

Nakivo, Inc. delivers agent-based backup support for Proxmox VM data to cater to the different needs of its diverse customer base.

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More businesses are turning to Proxmox VE as a free and open-source alternative to traditional virtualisation platforms,” says Bruce Talley, CEO. In fact, adding support for Proxmox VE has been a top request from our customers, and we’re proud to deliver. This move expands Nakivo’s already extensive platform support and caters to the demand for flexible data protection options in the open-source virtualisation space.

This integration not only provides a way to back up and restore data, applications and OSs of Proxmox VMs but also exemplifies the company’s commitment to platform-agnostic data protection.

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Proxmox VM backup support
With Proxmox VE, Backup & Replication extends the list of supported virtualisation platforms, encompassing industry leaders like VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and now Proxmox VE.

Customers can protect their Proxmox VM data using agent-based backup.

This support comes with set of capabilities, such as:

  • Full and incremental, image-based backup of Proxmox VM data
  • Backup copy to remote sites, public clouds, other S3-compatible platforms and tape
  • Full VM data recovery to an identical VM on the same hypervisor using bare metal recovery
  • Instant recovery of files and app objects to the original or a custom location

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