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KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe: CloudCasa by Catalogic Simplifies Kubernetes Migration and Replication, Deepens Support for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service

Use cases for Kubernetes cluster migration and replication include on-premises to cloud and cloud-to-cloud, test/dev environments, and storage and host OS upgrades for Kubernetes environments.

CloudCasa by Catalogic announced the newest version of its CloudCasa platform.

Cloudcasa Azure Kubernetes Backup

This latest version adds new migration and replication workflows to simplify key Kubernetes use cases such as migrating on-premises clusters to cloud, migrating cloud to cloud, replicating production environments for test/dev and DR, and migrating locally between various Kubernetes configurations. Also released are new cloud integration and manageability features, extending and improving the backup, restore, and DR capabilities of CloudCasa, as well as its ability to centrally manage Velero installations in large and complex environments. 

Customers of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) can use the new migration workflow to migrate AKS worker nodes to Azure Linux, migrate storage volumes from Azure Disk to Azure Container Storage, and migrate from other cloud managed Kubernetes services and from on-premises Kubernetes environments to AKS. The firm’s offer is available in the Azure Marketplace or in the Microsoft Azure portal.

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Cloudcasa By Catalogic Screen2403

The company’s solution protects Kubernetes environments and provides a cyber-resilient and cloud-integrated backup, DR and migration solution for cloud native applications. It is the first ‘born in the cloud’ backup service built with Kubernetes for Kubernetes environments. Available to use as SaaS or via a self-hosted option, CloudCasa supports workflows for multi-cluster, on premises and multi-cloud application resiliency and mobility, with granular recovery across accounts, regions and even across clouds. With support for major Kubernetes cloud services including AKS, Amazon EKS and Google GKE, and for popular Kubernetes distributions including Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher and VMware Tanzu, the solution provides an any-to-any solution for Kubernetes data protection, DR, migration, and replication.

We are excited to introduce CloudCasa support for Kubernetes migration and replication workflows as new use cases for backup and recovery. They include capturing cluster and cloud configuration along with persistent data with each backup,“ said Ryan Kaw, global VP, sales, Catalogic. “We worked with the Azure Linux team to test and validate CloudCasa’s ability to upgrade AKS worker nodes to Azure Linux with our new migration workflow, and we are pleased to be validated and included in the Azure Linux Partner Showcase with a partner solutions page in Azure docs.”

CloudCasa captures cluster and cloud configuration to make cross-cluster, cross-tenant, cross-region, and cross-cloud recovery, replications, and migration. Its cloud integration features allow movement of an entire cluster, along with its virtual networks, load balancers, add-ons, and more.

The CloudCasa team showcased the Kubernetes migration and replications workflows at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024, Paris, France.


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