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Embedded World: Weebit Nano to Demo ReRAM Technology on GlobalFoundries 22FDX Platform

Embedded ReRAM module on 22nm depleted silicon on insulator process

Weebit Nano Ltd. will showcase a live demo of Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) technology implemented in GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX platform.

Weebit Nano 22fdx

The company will demonstrate its embedded ReRAM module on the 22nm fully depleted silicon on insulator (FD-SOI) process at Embedded World 2024, a global industry conference held annually in Nuremberg, Germany.

The demo confirms the capability of ReRAM in this advanced geometry – a process node where embedded flash is unable to scale. It also highlights some of the numerous capabilities of the firm’s ReRAM, including low power consumption, fast programming time and byte addressability.

The 8Mb company’s ReRAM demo chip in 22nm has the largest memory capacity of any Weebit module to date and is implemented in an advanced process so far. Testing of the chip has been underway since end of last year, when the firm received the 1st 22nm wafers integrating its embedded ReRAM.

Coby Hanoch, CEO, said: “This new demonstration is a testament to the scalability of our ReRAM, and our team’s ongoing efforts to achieve the best possible performance. We have been able to achieve such performance through a combination of analog and digital design prowess as well as physics and materials expertise. The Weebit engineering teams are focused on continuous technology enhancements, which are critical as we look towards rolling out a commercial solution in 22nm – the industry’s most common process node.”

Presentation by VP of R&D
As part of the Embedded World conference program, Ilan Sever, VP, R&D, Weebit Nano, will deliver a presentation, Smart Memory Partitioning Enhances System Performance, on April 11, 2024, as part of session ‘5.7 board level HW engineering: Memory. Learn more here

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