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Furniture Retailer Empresas Berios in Puerto Rico Chooses Pure Storage

To drive service innovation, while cutting IT costs

Pure Storage, Inc., announced that Empresas Berríos, Inc., a furniture store in Puerto Rico and a distribution center in Central America, is leveraging its portfolio to achieve scalability and drive business growth, while advancing service innovation for its customers.

Retail Chain Berios In Puerto Rico Chooses Pure Storage

Customer challenge:
Berríos strives to be Puerto Rico’s leader in furniture and household goods with its quality of service, product variety, price, and ease of financing. The company is embracing technologies to further enhance its customer experience, from in-store tablets for sales teams, to advanced inventory systems, and actionable analytics driven by AI.

To better position itself for scalability, business growth, and innovation, it needed to modernize its IT environment, with a heightened emphasis on IT agility and financial flexibility to meet dynamic customer needs. Additionally, situated in a region prone to natural disasters and escalating ransomware threats.

Berríos recognized the need to implement advanced BC and data protection plans to safeguard operations and ensure uninterrupted service delivery to its valued clientele.

Customer impact:
Berríos adopted Pure Storage to fuel this modernization, gaining the scalability to innovate and expand without worrying about service reliability or cost.

Benefits experienced with Pure’s portfolio include: 

  • Performance with Cloud-Like Consumption Economics: By consuming Pure FlashArray, an all-flash solution value-optimized for its specific workloads, via an Evergreen//Flex subscription, Berrios maintains ownership of its storage while benefiting from pay-as-you-go, cloudlike consumption economics. With //Flex, Berríos saved $170,000 in initial acquisition costs and saves $20,000 in operational expenses annually.
  • Rapid Recovery in the Wake of Physical and Cyber Disasters: When Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, the island experienced an energy grid outage. Pure arrays continued to run, enabling the end user to continue serving customers as they rebuilt their homes. Berríos also relies on SafeMode and Veeam software to protect its data from ransomware attacks. Backups that previously took 8h now take 11mn.
  • IT Operations with Reduced Data Center Footprint: Backed by enterprise-grade all-flash storage, Berríos can handle a steady rise in demand while improving storage response. It has reduced its datacenter footprint by 50%, saving time and money while running more efficient IT operations. With energy costs in Puerto Rico rising, savings have positioned the business for steady, sustainable growth.

As the backbone of our IT operations, Pure Storage supports critical components of our business – from our financing system, to our new point-of-sale tablets, and even warehouse scanners. The flexibility it provides in scaling with our growth, without imposing excessive infrastructure costs, brings real peace of mind. From efficient database management to hassle-free storage upgrades, Pure’s platform combines ease of use with unmatched performance,” said Héctor Morales, IT manager, Berríos. 

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