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Komprise and IBM Collaboration for Cost-Effective NAS to Cloud Solutions

Transparent Move Technology proficiently tags and migrates data sets to cloud for archival storage, and Elastic Data Migration offers proven file and object data migration.

Ibm Kathy WilsonBy Kathy Wilson, PM, cloud object storage ecosystem GTM, IBM Corp.



As enterprises adapt to the changing landscape from on-premises to hybrid environments, this collaboration introduces a revolutionary approach to storage.

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Customers are managing vast amounts of data to satisfy regulatory and compliance needs. This data is generated and manipulated by various applications, leading to the accumulation of data on costly storage devices. This trend continues to grow, necessitating expensive Capex to scale.

NAS advancements in enterprise:
NAS has played a pivotal role in enterprise data storage, facilitating centralized file sharing, backups, application storage, media file management, remote access, and long-term archiving. As the cost of storing greater volumes of data continues to grow, technology is evolving toward hybrid storage environments.

Hybrid cloud storage benefits:
The synergy of on-premises and public cloud storage delivers unparalleled advantages:

  • Dynamic scalability for varying storage needs.
  • Cost optimization by using on-premises NAS storage for baseline requirements and cloud storage for variable workloads.
  • Redundancy strategies, ensuring that critical data is stored both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Data tiering, optimizing storage for frequently accessed or critical data,  reducing costs with cold data tiered to the cloud.
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance and data governance.
  • Remote access and collaboration support for distributed teams.
  • Flexibility to provision additional resources on demand.

Komprise’s innovative contribution:
Komprise, Inc. enters the cloud marketplace with 2 SaaS solutions that are designed for unstructured data management and mobility. Forecasting a 200ZB of stored data by 2025, Komprise’s solution addresses the urgent demand for advanced data management solutions.

Transparent Move Technology (TMT):

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Komprise’s Transparent Move Technology proficiently tags and migrates data sets to the cloud for archival storage. This innovation supports cloud-native AI and ML tools, modern data lakes, cloud data warehouses, and data lake houses.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management Suite:

Components include:

  • Analyzing unstructured data
  • Deep analytics
  • Optimizing cloud data
  • Cloud data migration
  • Tier and archive transparency
  • Migrating NAS and object data
  • Enabling AI and analytic workflows
  • Cyber resiliency with ransomware protection
  • Data replication

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Elastic Data Migration:
Komprise Elastic Data Migration offers smart, efficient, and proven file and object data migration. This solution ensures the fastest, most predictable, and cost-efficient data migration for file and object data, whether to the cloud, cloud NAS, or on-premises NAS.

IBM + Komprise collaboration:
This collaboration introduces a secure and user-friendly service that provides a view across storage silos. It establishes a singular platform for unstructured data management and mobility, ensuring data remains intact during transfer, with no penalties or lock-ins.

Key use cases:

  1. Optimized storage
  2. Efficient migration
  3. Preparation for big data/AI
  4. Resilience vs. threats
  5. Global data access

IBM Cloud Marketplace:
Customers can access Komprise Intelligent Data Management and Elastic Data Migration on IBM Cloud with single invoicing, IBM account integration, and a deployment and management approach.

This partnership marks a milestone in data management, empowering users to manage their data while ensuring utmost security and accessibility seamlessly and effectively.

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