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Acronis Launches Cyber Protect V.16 Software for Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Provides integration of backup, DR, cybersecurity, and remote endpoint management delivered via single platform.

Acronis International GmbH introduces Cyber Protect 16.

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Cyber Protect delivers protection vs. cyber threats and backup and recovery capabilities. This latest version establishes a new benchmark in easy and fast recovery after cyberattacks or data loss, especially for modern multi-site organizations.

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As technology advances, the necessity for an integrated cybersecurity and data protection solution fit for distributed organizations has become evident. Factors including the rise of remote work and a rapidly changing threat landscape have increased attack surfaces and raised larger data access and privacy concerns. Cyber Protect 16 introduces a centralized dashboard that further improves and simplifies management with a single pane of glass, providing visibility and simplified management for the entire environment.

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Additional features of Cyber Protect 16 include:

  • Cyberthreat protection: Using AI and ML, proactively secure data, applications, and systems from advanced cyber-attacks including ransomware and other forms of malware.

  • Rapid recovery: Reduced dependency on central IT support empowers users to initiate 1-click recovery capabilities of distributed endpoints, including bare-metal recovery of physical workloads.

  • Reduced TCO: Broad, multi-generational OS support, enables vendor consolidation while ensuring comprehensive protection.

  • Simplified management: Centralized management includes local autonomy and seamless integration with existing 3rd-party tools to provide a unified view of backup and recovery operations along with broad, multi-generational OS support.

  • Data sovereignty: With the use of Acronis’ network of global data centers, users can ensure compliance and master regional data sovereignty laws, offering peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

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The release of Acronis Cyber Protect 16 underscores our dedication to protect all data, applications, and systems,” said Gaidar Magdanurov, president, Acronis. “In today’s era of distributed environments, organizations require a cyber protection solution that provides reliable protection and fast and easy recovery after incidents. For many industries, like manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and retail, that can’t afford any downtime, it is crucial for non-IT personnel to be able to accomplish successful recovery – and that is what Acronis Cyber Protect 16 is bringing – one-click recovery after cyberattacks or data loss.”

Cyber Protect 16 provides an integration of backup, DR, cybersecurity, and remote endpoint management delivered via a single, cost-effective platform. With the ability to rapidly restore any computer without the need for IT intervention, specialized or industrial computing companies specifically in the operational technology (OT) industrial control systems (ICS) community, gain peace of mind and minimize costly downtime from potential outages. The integration of data protection, recovery capabilities, and security functionality is designed to assure business continuity. Leading the charge in cybersecurity innovation, the company strives to continue to adapt and evolve while navigating the complexities of the digital world.

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With Acronis Cyber Protect, we offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with a true cyber resilience solution,” said Alan Conboy, field CTO, Scale Computing. “We have complete confidence that if one of our customers suffers a cyber incident, we can get them back online in minutes. Acronis’ single console seamlessly integrates comprehensive backup and recovery, endpoint management and cybersecurity to meet the needs of our broad range of customer environments, diverse OSs and organizational sizes. They are our go-to vendor to scale our business with world-class, affordable service offerings.

A new benchmark in easy and fast recovery after cyberattacks or data loss    
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