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Nasuni IQ to Unlock Data Silos for AI Services

Monitors usage patterns, makes proactive data management decisions, and better enables delivery of intelligent insights. 

Nasuni Corp. announced Nasuni IQ: data intelligence capabilities to help enterprises manage, assess, and prepare their unstructured data environment for AI.

Nasuni Iq 1

With IQ, businesses can monitor usage patterns, make proactive data management decisions, and better enable the delivery of intelligent insights. 

As the volume of unstructured data continues to grow in the enterprise, a data management strategy has become a top concern for businesses looking to leverage AI. According to Gartner, large enterprises will triple their unstructured data capacity by 2028. Since unstructured data is where much of the enterprise’s IP is housed, unlocking its potential is critical. For many companies, this data has been forgotten in legacy storage silos.

The Nasuni File Data Platform supports the next-gen of data initiatives by consolidating unstructured data within a single global namespace. Additionally, the firm can help companies move off their legacy NAS infrastructure with its Professional Services offerings.

With the addition of IQ, platform users gain access to the following key features:

  • Enhanced visibility and insights: Gain a understanding of distributed Nasuni file data infrastructure with dashboards and monitoring that provide a detailed view of all user activities, usage patterns, and consumption.

  • Proactive data management: Anticipate storage needs, identify potential bottlenecks, and implement data management policies to ensure resources are allocated effectively.

  • Data curation for AI: Can be used as an additional tool to help curate unstructured data to support advanced analytics and AI initiatives.

As more businesses turn to AI and advanced analytics for a competitive edge, understanding and managing the data feeding those tools will be the deciding factor in their success,” said Russ Kennedy, CPO. “Nasuni’s Data Platform consolidates silos of data in a cloud object store and then provides enterprises with the visibility and insight to leverage their data for the next generation of intelligence tools.

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IQ will be delivered as part of the core firm’s File Data Platform, and supports the company’s overall Fit for AI framework designed to help customers bring their data strategy in line with being ready for AI use-cases. It enables customers to take advantage of a number of capabilities, including:

  • Fit for AI assessment: Evaluate an organization’s data landscape, understand consumption patterns, and begin ensuring the data is AI-ready.

  • File usage analytics: Track usage and collaboration patterns across users, departments, file types, volumes, and more. Gain visibility to optimize storage, plan capacity, and facilitate capacity-based chargeback.

  • Health monitoring: Monitor system component metrics to proactively identify resource contention and capacity limits so administrators can take preventative measures.

  • Forensic capabilities: Perform historical analysis of file, user, or application activity when troubleshooting issues or investigating information security events.

  • Automated reporting: Leverage prebuilt reports and dashboards that deliver actionable intelligence to technical and business users and support chargeback reporting.

The rapid emergence of AI technology is driving organizations to evaluate how they can use unstructured data to their advantage,” said Scott Sinclair, practice director, cloud, infrastructure, and Devops, ESG. “Nasuni IQ is a powerful new solution that aids data discovery and enables organizations to do the critical curation that should be done before exposing business data to AI services and language models. The Nasuni File Data Platform allows organizations to consolidate previously disparate data silos into a single namespace which radically simplifies management, and Nasuni IQ will further optimize that storage resource for secure, effective data preparation for AI-driven insights.

Nasuni IQ has become a valuable tool for our file data oversight,” said Rob Ruggiero, global infrastructure architect, SGSCO. “With its intuitive features, we effortlessly track the most active users, monitor dynamic directories, and gain valuable insights into file interactions. The ability to identify hotspots and trace file movements has enhanced our monitoring capabilities, enabling us to visualize our data collaboration patterns. Nasuni IQ stands out as a reliable ally for those seeking a practical boost in file share data monitoring efficiency.

The launch follows another successful year for Nasuni in 2023 which saw 46% growth in new customer bookings and 118% net revenue retention.

Introducing Nasuni IQ: Unlocking Intelligence for Distributed File Data