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Principled Technologies Report on Dell Apex Storage Services and AWS Could Improve Backup and Recovery Outcomes

Hands-on testing showcased how combining the Dell APEX solution with Amazon Web Services allowed for completion of multi-cloud backup, restore, and DR scenarios while offering greater flexibility and functionality than AWS alone.

In a recent study, Principled Technologies (PT) conducted testing to explore the flexibility and ease of use of a solution that combines Dell APEX data storage services backup target with Dell PowerProtect Data Manager and Amazon Web Services Elastic DR.

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PT testing revealed “that the Dell APEX Data Storage Services PowerProtect Data Manager solution made it easy to back up and restore private cloud local volumes and that its Cloud Tiering feature made it easy to back up and restore private cloud local VMs to a cloud storage tier. [PT] also found that adding Data Manager to AWS simplified cloud failover and DR of VMs, thanks to its Cloud Disaster Recovery feature, requiring 29% fewer steps” than an AWS solution alone.

Principled Technologies report